WBC Nicaragua documentary part 3

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another favorite ministry among the children as Vacation Bible School each afternoon the team would leave them and songs their favorite being father Abraham and then they'd get a visit from Bible man who introduced the Bible story of the day today's BBS listen is part to a resurrection story the previous day Jesus was crucified and taken to the tomb at house and revived today the kids are instructed to go search for Jesus at the tomb but he isn't there and engaging Skidz our teams travel stories in a way that captures their attention excites them to learn more after visiting the tomb and seeing that Jesus wasn't there they came back to hear the rest of the story at the end the painted stone rolled away and Myka who played Jesus reappear our team finished a project we started last year John Frank and Ryan spent their morning's cutting down trees and putting up a new fence around the school let's just say some are more successful than others when swing baby what's pretty after that we decided to leave the welding to the probes a really common this is Jerry Alegria a second-year student in college studying to be a civil engineer during the school year he lives in Managua and comes home every now and then his mother works very hard as a housemaid of Managua so that Jerry can go to school no one you know she works as a cleaning houses down in Managua and to say but it's just a for so good in it to me was even so you know I think her very much for all the effort that she's doing for me like many in Nicaragua Jerry grew up without a father in his life but he tells us since becoming a Christian he relies on our Heavenly Father to guide him let's listen as Jerry shares his testimony and I was invited to a youth group since era meant a necessity my Posse he knows to be honest 58 I mean I felt very empty inside no Christian home and you know and they offered me kondou-san I do you know they asked me if I wanted to know the Lord yeah then Tom said you are subject then you know I mean I did accept it to know the Lord you know that concept unless yokomo glad and so ever since then I mean you feel like a father to me forgive me Baba is I think of my dad it's a womanizer and I'm Stephanie up and I am Lucy you know and he used to come like once a month before you know simply kisses our education system yep another Baba you know and I always wanted to know you know I mean what he wants to have a dad you know me next to me every day neither than Johnson good okay Jesse empathy now I know what it is to have a dad now you know I think God is here because now we're all together keep wearing a prosthetic eye viateur because you can appreciate every time you guys come simple apnea glad oh no talking sorry wallet you're always gonna see everybody united you know me together you know I mean not all of them think the same button beginning times well that's all no time when over although some of them don't have their heart in the right spot yet Peres and MIT I am often dealer company but most of them we have been able to share together about a thing either again I'm positive on a PC yet okay you know beauty right right now you guys came came to help us with a bicycle you know that's something that is needed here run out market oh well sadly you know I want to thank you guys so much okay because yesterday I caught a Sunday you know I'll get that in a key I know that in you got food put it in your heart for you guys to come to mucho barrio you know because there's a lot of neighborhoods and lots of places a big guy state of God the Yogi's are there and God wanted you guys to be here with us you you my soul is so and with your love shorty so I'm ah it flows with is love you show and ah joy comes from you and how we love you Fred Oh is fun are you who is love Oh spill too he is here so is so son we love yo okay this fine by you know Oh sweetie if you are the floor you your you satisfy my heart and you are of eater you like No enough to me we are you sound my yah enough Oh sweetie is you .

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