Channel 5 documentary is still getting air tonight. By chris Preddie OBE

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and guys my name is Chris pretty OBE just hitting you with another one I'm at channel 5 right now I came down I know everybody waiting to march wanted to protest I believe in certain things like March concerns down where people do it but I'm not all for it so I took the initiative could go down in myself and try and use my whole being go down there and speak to them so I'm went to the desk I'm hard to speak to Paul Joshi she wouldn't come downstairs I end up folding up and up getting her on the phone and I'll say she can come downstairs and speak with me she refused to come downstairs and speak to me and and I also a few questions which she identified back to me saying that it's not down to her but not down to Channel five one the reasons where the program got made on the reasons where the program is portraying certain images and certain things down to the production team and it's down to the producers and so I and then went on saying well you know if you've done to the producer the production team totally understand that they are the one who created it but at the same time kind of flavor the organization as a other channel with the one at edit so who can I speak to about you that I was that calling the content appeared on your channel she said there is no one I can speak to there is no email actually can give me too but she did say that she took my information and she would be passing on to the persons that you know do wonders doodle-do by the channel but she said that she won't allow me to speak to them or give me an email address marks day if I was allowed to give her mighty Maju actually didn't went on saying that to take my email address but no-one will be giving me a reply back so I urged people not to really count down a marching band drums and stuff like because you know obviously to my understanding they don't understand they don't care and they're they're going through their protocol where they're going through their own procedures of what a channel does and what a channel is doing so I just think now is for us for us to stand up and say this is what we need to do as a community this is how what we've got to do to change it so I feel like I've been speaking to a lot of people in the last couple of days and I've been speaking to camera people production people and I think it's enough for us to do our own documentary for us to have our own channel for us to have our own stream of things going on it's for us to start building our own communities we need to start building shops gender style I said I say we need to start building our own youth clubs we need to start taking about some ownership and start understanding that we can't wait for them to change something we can't wait for them to commonhelp we need to help herself you know the reason why they're not doing effective ain't happening on their doorstep ain't happening for them but it's happening for us and all we do is get a kick in the teeth and say you know what we're not gonna really answer your questions so that answers my question I just came here to give it up guys the proof of the pudding I'm not going to just run I'm not here just to go on about it I'm really really active I'm really really trying to understand what we can do to help each other and help the communities as loads of organizations that's what in contact with me so I will be in contact with all of you guys and I think the stronger we come together because we're promoting the same message the stronger we come together the more bigger we're going to be so I feel like everyone keeps saying stop doing the launch and stop doing this stop doing that yes is to stop doing a lot of things but if you don't start somewhere if you don't do something then we're just going to allow everything to carry on going and no longer to do anything about it so I think me spending up to taking initiative I'm taking my initiative so like I said we've come here they don't talk to us they haven't said anything and I feel now than ever I'm urging anybody that's got any services it's any skill base anything that you can do that we can help us to make a documentary to make our own channel to make something for ourself so we can start pushing ourself and a better life if anybody out there there's people that's going and contacted me already please we urge you any schools that you may have that you can put towards this plot to help us showcase our young people are better light and show them there is entrepreneur showing them there is positive black people because that's what we need to show is the image the kids are glamorized about this images going on but there's loads of entrepreneurs that I've got money and a building and doing everything we need to show that image we need to show them that there is another way to win to show them that there is people out there that I've done it and come out the same situation just like you so that was me guys just please understand it and try and help me to push forward in helping the schools not in a sense of just go in there and just ran in and shouting and marching we need to understand that we need to do other people and we need to stand up today together obviously I was just getting ready to leave them a lot of people came down to the March and everything and we managed to sort of like get someone to come out and I forget about him who Matt came and tried to speak to us and he tried to explain to us that you know that it's still going to be aired and it's still going to be prior there my singing my frustration is the way that we conduct ourselves sometimes as people we don't do us off any favor so for me was like you know it was positive that people was passionate and it was sharing their feelings but I do feel like there's a right way to go about things and how to conduct ourselves so just wait to add on that onto the video and you know sometimes if we've been anything you know there's only so much you can do so don't be disheartened just move to the next step and try and see how we can move forward and how we can move one so just wait to let you know that it was a March afterwards and we didn't get time to film because if you want to be filmed and then it was just most importantly that someone actually came out and spoke did I mean what everybody else just kind of handled it in which a different way which we should have had it in a better way of spoke in a better manner to raise the issues that we was really really concerned about so and I just want give you that quick tour one .

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