More Harm Than Good — Short Documentary

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A man are you around I need a bun the out of the bag like the last thing to give me I'm looking for that fire I could give or do you want to meet Oh I travel out on 17 and 20 minutes i'll be in the gray infiniti let me know when you close I didn't really understand addiction at first you know you think why don't you just stop and not realizing how addictive it is that when your brain is changed you are basically wired to say i need i want i happen to have we only found out that brendan have an addiction a year before he passed away and when he got home after graduation we found out he had been using that whole time I remember thinking how long Sierra is not a party trip it's a very lonely trust most the time you're doing it you're in a call were you alone my group thing he is adorable she was an absolute precious little girl sometime around a free case starts have some real issues of self-esteem with what you doing where she's drinking and she's experimenting you trust people that become addicted to it have other things going on before the addiction starts you know they may have they may have anxiety and self-doubt whatever you know you know could be all kinds of things in one minute look is something I asleep yeah got some shit to pick there right now I don't need them on my back they don't ask me any question that I can't really get into it right now wow you yes I so your entire life is to evolve and I'm very hot try not to pierce or a deal when they're in order to you by marriages it's just incredible calder facebook official sense of realism I'm surprised that my engagement during my wedding band this is the amount such as hold on business and to this day will go to the fuck me well anything that's great positive individuals or communities beautiful don't worry about it fish have it all under control I just taking it every once in a while before calm down you didn't want to tell anyone because you felt ashamed than you felt that there was this stigma and you didn't want people to judge you you didn't want people to judge your child and kind of you know feel that they would you know have a disadvantage with people so it became very difficult time nicole has a lot of tension in home that's a lot of problems from your marriage it's just so frustrating because you want the best for your child and you are totally helpless and no matter what you do you can't make your child better you can't fix them you know you can't try loving them more we did tough love more love who loved him so much and we would have done anything trying to fathom like why love wasn't enough and you know it really took a long time to understand that this disease is so much bigger than all of us after Brendan passed away I remember feeling so incredibly alone you could be in a room full of people but you feel alone all the additional layers that come with an addiction that the grief ashamed what if you know I should've would've could've the first year is available who really remember at what point thing connect knowledge I just want that I want that Phylicia and for just being your child like this body is it's seared in my memory it will never go away you know when I could get through the days and be busy but you know then it might time in the weekend you decide all day because you just couldn't imagine that this beautiful baby that you brought into this world is gone when you need a child to addiction and you have another component which is is guilt you got hit by a car and you know like I could say well I shouldn't let him out that day but dying the drug addiction you know that's the hardest thing the graph board it's just something you just can't prepare for we always talk about how we're going to work together how would form a family vacation to put the limitations of our own respective in years to come let Donna that vision that the possibility is 0 NE I certainly can recall the farm almonds no one was the past 45 years of her addiction now I remember her the girl or before she got sick I enjoy when I dream about him that she's always little it affect us in every way you know every holiday event that happened there's just this underlying sadness and you know was that he's not there and you know you're just you're just missing you're missing the peace my god .

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