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Hey you guys broke ullah wrong you saw elimination wrong why is there's EDD in here why would there be an ass I'm gonna Americans too indifferent I'm sorry do you not think the English language come from England the first beginning pieces of the English language came from England we just perfected it as we do oh it's set for health care how many times you go to reupload you're mostly patient just to get lice quicker how many times do you step in those heels just a diamond to fill this to a halt I'm in the face is already consult before you realize they never fell in love with you Elliot skills because what's a hundred laps when there's only one person you spend your evening with was fifty favorites and your favorite can't get through to you because you're more concerning what a novel Fulton Alfie how many legs is it taking you to be beautiful i'm not here to tell you're beautiful I'll let your favorite seeing your friends do that and give you an opportunity to sell out venues eccentric that stuff that's just like we saw talk about one may joke spot the friends i start the stuff you actually think will happen and sitting in a venue before the show happen there's like a few hundred people in there you'll see any thinking who the hell are they here for because it can't be for me i'm not the romantic type i just happened to pay attention or anything a question sino times and you get mad at you're tempted to flip if I kiss you from your neck to earn it do you forget why I did we've all got past try to make you forget not regret those things within the end I'm king yeah you you a minor moment you start speaking up what y'all have a quote to chief you were studying land so we use enough separating haha that's the same premiers heaven you know anyways that's where I'm meant to be Bailey with goons hit me I'm calling the one you wake up with my mom still mentioned you what my mentions I mean in her rants about getting things wrong she asked had at hell did I let you go I started I quite let you know you said we grew out of each other I say we grew out of each other see I remember didn't step over to the program because I caught you in a corner my I were your friends too arguing in our union rumors about how to hell can we let this end up did what you said I could I'm finally making a living off a poetry I just wish you believed in us as much as you believed in me cuz how'd you do this laughing when a person you are lovely was that one you wake up and I remember last year denmark my first ever solo show in london and that was when i fought to myself you know i get a lot of love abroad in different countries and different seems why not try to do shows there and i think it was fear at first it was the whole you know what haven't even done a solo show in london in my own home city so it was back yet in that way denisha came around and you know everyone was like a year cool we can't wait for a new london showed and I was like you know let me throw myself in some hot war because me personally Alice there's expectation I'll stay in my comfort zone unless I throw myself out on the ledge or someone else Falls me out on the ledge I'll stay in my comfort zone so I've randomly tweeted I think it was like maybe january-february this year round retreated I'm doing a mini world tour what countries do you guys want to see me go sat down went through the analytics a few actually watches my videos from which countries in which sees and I came to the conclusion that cool london and birmingham in England edinburgh scotland New York and America and initiatives meant to be la as well be a new york an American and lay in America and then I was like you're not I've actually got to start getting his cracking so I think a lot of people wait for example a label or management or whatever to to put them in that position everyone's quick to say oh I'm under grade i'm under rated or or no one supports what i do etcetera etcetera to me i felt as if you got to put yourself in that position in favor of coming down by the evening we need go to the first date at a tour we sought out in london and more importantly mattress enjoyed it man thank you for everyone for coming out them we're making history as I said make a sequel to hackney empire and october twenty first book with the app true oh my god this isn't a marketing strategy by any company this is genuinely me just with his dream leaving this dream in some words i have my band and my team and saying let's go out and get this done which I'm saying there was no one around me to say we're going to we're going to put this much money in you there wasn't anyone around me that said we're going to invest in you were going to do this exceptional jenia get off your backside I think a lot of people a lot of time on surrounded by people without a quick to say that they're underrated and me Percy I don't believe in that statement that's just my personal opinion I feel like if you if you feel that way then you better get up and get started cracking GL saying because .

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