MENTAL HEALTH - Spoken Word Short Film

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Hi please don't mistake my dissonance of the world and curiosity as ignorance or arrogance because I'm purely interested in pain by growing what I'm learning shit's becoming apparent normally for a piece like this I'd do some research but this time we don't even need this is kind of just a list of feelings feelings created by my readings of friends and young people living in today's evil one-in-four feels depressed ii bulimic thirds getting paranoid smoking the green shit fourths gone and killed herself because she's seen shit I don't know the exact statistics of Britain's suffering poor mental health but on a graph I'm sure we wouldn't be doing well inner-city kids they get bigger and badder no options F to get on the housing ladder once you're kicked outta school nas got time to educate you so he learns from the roads before secondary school until he breaks the law goes to school with a tool and they kick him out again now he's living with mother that's gone here and got an older brother so he's gotta protect his mom's he's too young for stress already smoking skunk he's driven to protection go get a weapon little boy holding a pistol he's only 11 and God knows mom's gonna flip when she finds that even though he got it for her all that time back now he's 13 it seems more like a prized possession he can't let go of the thing has become an obsession now he's close to it posing with it all over snapchat like he's holding the missus and this is what you could call a broken home I don't think the government condoned it but believe they laid out the path and he chose it and of course every kid's dream is to own up ends so we suffer in our heads for a means to an end an end where some of them started fat cats in big mansions care more about cars and their dearly departed and that privilege is gonna make him suffer when he gets older no better off than the poor man living with a chip on his shoulder but how do we get there let me just say mental health issues are rising regardless of where you're from you could be from the rising tower blocks on the horizon or Radlett high street hiding cuz you're socially awkward raised as a teen and you never had a need that weren't meant by a team of people ready to wait on you hand and foot then kids grew up to be the legal Crips fighting the other side of the battle even though they've lost what they're fighting for they're just following cattle presuming they got content with the bullshit assuming you've got it within you so as these kids start going to their 20s they realized there's more to life than grades and Ready's that they've already missed half of it for the privilege of laughing with it so they look for peace in the same escape and I'm not saying drugs are to blame but most kids use drugs now to escape the pain so you might find a brother at a rave drinking brandy the only time he could ever connect with a posh keep hanging on man fish from different ponds pour in the same net and that's where we all are now dead fish from different ponds caught in the same net and that's where we all are nowadays fighting the board of a society shall awaiting the predictability of living life and opposed to state cuz none of what we're living in is natural they want it to be lies or factory but as human brains more complex how dare they trap it within this concept earth mirrors are the people the sea Rises like cancer we see more evil and this is what I mean they condone a broken home the government they couldn't give a fuck and they're loving it like McDonald's fucking covered in it lies like the Baron in August when you think you're in thighs but you're actually in feeding these guys that's wise and you don't think someone in government knows the little profit-making substance is there and even legal I contribute the poison to the people it's reasonable to believe their side for the Greek they've got a choice if they want to keep the salary take or be employed please stand according to work in the army and getting deployed not died whilst on anyone you set them clocks with the money for a guns and encourage you they're the ones responsible for all of the killing the death of the millions of innocent children civilians will away from monks and medals heroin needles modafinil for the overachieving brains and a passer or controlled University reading students contrasting the poverty-stricken children we'll see in this evening I'm comic relief you try and make us believe that fire found is the exact amount you need save these children from a killer disease your firepower can buy five vaccines and that's some real life-changing action just know that it's a joke because you could get a hundred four five pound if you bought those vaccines at cost now tell me is that the logic or the money getting lost you you .

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