How To Grow Bigger/Wider Hips? Anatomy 101 Talk

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What is up guys it's been asked to come in at you with another video now this one is going to be can you grow your hit video is that physically possible if you guys like videos like this don't forget to give the video a huge thumbs up it does help me out huh don't forget to subscribe on your way out and let's get on with the video so I shouldn't I grow your hips video where I talk about how I was able to grow my hips my thigh area like but while I was smoking there are a few comments from people saying oh you can't physically grow your hips or your hips are bones bla bla bla that are etc and so in the video I never said that I grew my hip bone I did grow the muscles around my hips which gave me the illusion of a not necessarily an hourglass figure but it did make it seem as though I had bigger hips than actually doing this video I want to talk about can you actually grow your hip so can you actually grow your hips yes and technically no and I'm going to get into that by talking specifically about the bone structure of your hips and body types so different women are going to be shaped differently they're going to have different bone structures you're going to have different body types everyone holds up that in a different way I'm going to be talking about how that affects hips growth or a hip size the first thing I want talk about is the fact that your hip width it's actually completely genetic so if you have more narrow hips versus wider hips that's completely genetic you got that from your genetic makeup from your DNA from either your mom or your dad so whoever has wider hips or narrower hips that's kind of where you got it from so not everyone in your family is going to look the same or have the same hip structure some people will have wider hips versus others or some people actually all have wider hips or all have to narrow it that all depends on your genetic structure you can't really change your genetics sometimes I mean unless you're some superhuman unless you're like an x-men yes baby bus but I really don't know anyone who can actually change genetic makeup if you do well then I don't know when it comes to growing your hips you are limited by your bone structure what I mean by that is based on your body type if you naturally or genetically have narrower hips it's going to be a lot more difficult for you to grow your hip area versus someone who is more of an hourglass or pear-shaped figure who has curvier wider hips natural because that means that is it impossible to grow your head if you genetically have narrower bone structure no not necessarily you can grow be outer parts of your hips or hip muscles but you will not necessarily be able to match someone who has an hourglass or a pear-shaped hip figure if that makes sense your body types that genetically and just naturally have narrow hips our body types like a chi an inverted triangle shape rectangle or a straight or some people even call it a banana shade and also an apple shape so those are people who just genetically have narrower hips how do you know that you have narrow hips or that you are some of these bottom texts I know especially for me it is very difficult to kind of see or understand how you have these different body types because depending on how your waking or you know if you exercise etc it could essentially change the shape of your body which can confuse some people so people that have narrow hips usually their hip bone is hot almost at their waist area and these people usually have little waist definition or if you do have some it's it's not as noticeable as someone who has like an hourglass or a cater pear-shaped figure where their waist is substantially smaller than all the other parts of their body if you have narrow hips your hips and your thigh measurements will be around the same measurement or about the same now how do you know if you have curved hips and if you have these other body types one thing you will have is a more noticeable waistline your waist will be a lot smaller than your bust or your hips so you are hourglass and your waist will be a lot smaller than your bust and your hips if you are a pear shape your waist will be a lot smaller than your hip area and your bust just be smaller so your your bust and your hips might be smaller your hip area and because of that usual have a more curvier up here hello why this point is most likely in your thigh area and then you will have kind of like a natural dip in your hips which will create like that curvy figure usually people who are an hourglass or pear-shaped will genetically have their weight kind of spread out in all areas specifically in their stomach and their hips and in their area and that's usually where they if they do gain weight that's where it will be concentrated now can people with narrow hips or the hot narrow bone structures pelvic area biotech and actually widen their gifts is that even possible and can they ever have an hourglass figure well not necessarily people who have narrow body shapes will never have a full or a natural hourglass figure but they will be able to at least have the illusion or the appearance of a more hourglass kind of figure but definitely a little bit of a bow would naturally narrow hips can actually work the muscles in their hip areas that surround their hip areas to give them more of an accentuated look in a curvier look into their hips you can't change your bone structure but if you want to change the muscles or grow the muscles in that area it is possible to an extent so you can focus on exercises that actually focus on these muscles in the hip area and those are targeting the smaller gluteus medius and minimus muscles are also known as your abductor muscles there are exercises all over the internet about that you can go check those and those key about doing that is that you are growing the muscles in those area and not necessarily your bone so you can't naturally grow your bones if you've already hit puberty obviously as a little girl or a little boy as you're growing before you hit puberty you are technically growing your hips the only way to actually naturally change your hips pelvic area bone structure is if you have a baby if you really want to change your bone your actual pelvic structure you can have a baby and usually when women have babies their hips will naturally widen because you're preparing your birth canal to just you know bring in life and you gotta have wider hips so that the baby can just shoot out of there so in some cases people who do get pregnant and have birth their pits will permanently stay the Y dish if that they did get but other people will actually their hips will actually narrow and will give back to their pre-pregnancy body and the hip bone structure it just depends on you it's you know that just evolved some other another way to naturally grow your hips is just over time there's actually research that as you get older your hips will naturally widen to your pelvic area will widen over time so just wait it out if you're really that serious eventually you're going to get some whiteheads don't you worry is coming so the other thing that you can do to widen your hips now this is the natural way but this is how some people have been able to do it it's going under the knife and getting surgery that's not what I would recommend but if you want to do that whatever floats your boat you do you boo boo I'm not going to stop you okay so for instance you have people like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian and other people who have gone under than I think gotten things that's called like the Brazilian butt lift where you can actually take the fat from different parts of your body and put it in your hip area or other areas to make it look or have the illusion of a hourglass figure and that's how people have been able to change their structure they they have the same bones in their body they didn't change your bone structure they just added a bunch of fat or silicone whatever into the areas to make it look like they have an hourglass shape now you can definitely tell people have gone through this because a lot of their thigh areas like their thighs won't look the same as a butt like really tell to have a kind of like an scan to kind of look and we'll show you that picture of that that's how you can tell when people don't exercise and try to get bigger buzz believe it your edges when they're our size are extremely smaller than they're the rest of their body other people also do get silicone implants which is can be a little bit dangerous and I mean efforts are really hope some crazy horror stories about people objecting concrete in their thighs and all this stuff in there but all I will say is that if you are going to do that do it with caution proceed with caution because you are playing things that are not natural into your body and changing your body just be careful guys I'm not knocking surgeries you do you acha careless do whatever you want with your body is your body but I will say just be seen so I hope this was informative guys if you guys like videos like it don't forget to give the video a huge thumbs up it does help me out tons don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more videos like this also leave me a comment down below like what do you think about that which you guys be interested in me talking about my own particular body types and breaking down my body type in a different video I thought that would have been really interesting because I have had such a hard time trying to figure out my body type and it would be really cool to sit down with you guys and really just break down what kind of body type I am etcetera etcetera based on design you know if you guys want to see stuff like that let me know in the comment section down below and I'll see you guys in the next .

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