GIANT Party! 30,000 Water balloons, Fidget Spinners! How to have the best party ClamourCon Vlogs

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Oh hey Noah where are we finally landed and one of my peers is like not hasn't talked yet but the other has so I'm tagging Oh oh wow this is so cool okay guys so we're in the car and my veteran / change but basically we're gonna be in this car for an hour drive diesel yep ready to measure key - where's the key hole there is no keyhole you just turn it over hurry I don't have that much battery oh oh this will nice and big so today I am going to be wearing this really nice like floral dress is not like too fancy and then my jean jacket because it's a little chilly outside and then my hair up in a pony and today we are going to - all these cool things like a fidget spinner went up and I think we all get frigid spitting then we're going to go do a water balloon fight and a triple lean Park and sweat and PR walking us down - got some bread muffins and I so basically what it is cool cube that you can flip a switch when you're talking like yeah it's really cool huh then you got one word it's like a join six on a video game it's like that super cool oh yeah that's yeah we should definitely go to LA you know or there's like a rolling ball like I'm planning we should like hang out by the beach go swimming all that cool stuff and then there's like all these closings like yeah an airplane would be easier than driving and then we got on like this thinner thing like yeah but we need lots of activities on the every spoon so I was bored and then we got like these little like rigidus thing that you do like this put your thumb in like yeah my coloring books would be good maybe some movies and then we got I never got this last but not least thing where you print them it's just button so you're like oh yeah I would definitely love to ride hoverboards at this and cool YouTube event you know and so it's super fun and convenient and cool and I left the packaging like oh destitution Oh around ready I know it's really hard for me yeah Oh okay guys so I just did interview like you see I'm going to present okay and now I'm trying to look for this one that I made after I made a long one with riding the hoverboard and I had to do an interview and so now I'm really trying to find them so I can place Africa he's a really cool kid Caspian by playing with some kinetic sand and it is super cool one hour okay so right now we are going to get some alright alright we're going to get some ice cream go on and they got them and then baby I had to help him open up because I have to sleep at first but a little bit because I need to find my mom four days to see what's on the schedule next so I'm not missing anything and doing this one pan was brought in and a water balloon fight about the promotion from the side trying to pick up again it's time to run let me get around how many balloons did you bring certain South thirty thousand balloon Oh laughs ritual manda quit out here okay guys so we are now back home at our house I just got ready because we're about to reach each reservation so this is the dress and then I have my hair and never got cool shoes then we have the toilet getting just what my ukulele finally came I have been waiting months it's so pretty I'm in the whole week of our lamech on vlog so yes focus there we go that's the next one .

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