Tubeless Conversion - Troubleshooting. How To Install Tubeless System On Your Bike.

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What's up here is Danny today a short update on tubular systems I made already this either one of my oldest episodes about a tubular system so I made the episode you can see how I do it but I came across different problems while doing different wheels especially on my exercise carbon wheels so today I'm going to do some troubleshooting and episode very very short one so what tubulin is means that we don't have any inner tube in our rim we just put the tire on and if it has the air tight connection in between the rim and the tire it is really great system this is the way to go no flat since I turned to bless before two three three flats each month it was so irritating so this helps and this also helps helps with lower pressure of our wheels so as I said when you update your bike with the rigid fork having lower pressure is good thing and and having lower pressure is always a good thing because you can just adjust the pressure to your weight and and the course you're going to go through for example on the races then we can basically have two problems problem with the tape and or problem with the tire so let's start with the tape this is the old school maverick crosswalks we which I turn to bliss and it's not prepared for tubular system at all I just use the tape you can see the yellow tape here inside from stance no tubes so putting the tape around so that we close all those holes for the spokes or the nipples here so it's all now closed it it made the air tight connection really good one okay then I put the tire and effort everything was fine but it was so much different on the FSI what was the problem two problems the well quality I do like the quality of stands no tubes tape did not want to stick to the carbon ring which is just surprising to me and also the shape of the inner wall it was it's curved so much that going around the wheel would be what the tape didn't make a nice connection between the tape and the rim because there was lots of bubbles it would stick out it I was just surprised how what's happening so first off you need 2 degrees the rim and that's that's just the basics of it we always do that so it's not even a troubleshooting but use some good degreasers 2 degrees the rim and wait until the rim is dry then what I did I would go around my my rim with the tapes slowly pushing it into the shaping that this curve of the rim with my finger very very slowly still there was hundreds of bubbles and it would still stick out but I was finally able to go around that wheel with the tape and just finish that job and what I did next I would I wouldn't even think about going to bliss right away I just put the inner tube my tire and I inflated the tire to the maximum it was I don't remember exactly 6 60 or 65 psi and I would write like it for two weeks so I just left the bike with the high pressure so that the inner tube would be pushing against the the tape for a couple of weeks maybe even more than two weeks I was really careful with that because I don't want to get flats on my wrists I work so much to to go to the race and spend so much money time and effort so I don't want to have any failure with my machine and after that two or three weeks when I remove the wheel to remove the tire and the inner tube I saw that finally my tape was in and maybe some tiny bubbles here and there but fine it was it was there and it didn't stick out it looked cool so that was that would be the problem shooting with the tape putting the inner tube if you have the prop this problem and inflate the the wheel to the maximum limit of your rim and tire and leave it like that for some time if you're going to ride the bike just just be careful because a lot of pressure means less grip less traction so that was the first thing the second thing is putting the tire if you have problems putting the tire on your rims just let the tire lay down on the floor in the sunny weather in the Sun so you want to have your tire and more flexible just you know hot hot tires are good for doing that job alright so that would be the first troubleshooting with the tire the next one when the tire is already there and we have problems just sealing a gap the first thing I would recommend is to use really soapy water so not just a little bit of soap you want to really have soapy water so that so that it will it will create those all those bubbles around there and try to see you know any gaps so I would say a lot of soap not just a little bit but a lot of soap the next one if you don't want to do it with the mini bumper for sure but sometimes the stationary pump would not be enough but if you don't have compressor you would maybe go to the gas station to do it or to your friend the stationary pump let this let me see most of them wheels 29s not so much because there needs to be more more air so in order to help yourself with with blowing the wind the into your tire you want to remove the valve okay we are certainly removing the valve just for inflating the tire and sealing the connection between the tires beat this part of the tire right here and the rim once it's done then we mount the valve and and then we can inflate it once more why do we do it because when we remove the valve the I mean the the end of the valve not the whole of right but just this little thing here we are able to blow more air into the tire so that might have if it doesn't help still and you see that there is pretty pretty much gap between the beat the tire and your rims you might want to consider putting more layers of the type around the wheel what it helps with is that it will support once more the bead of the tire a little bit better so the beat will be supported from from from the bottom right and sometimes it will just solve the problem and that's basically it the last one the last possibility for you if you don't have friends with the compressor and you doesn't work for you so much with the mini pump the first thing I did with the tape problem put the inner tube and just inflate the tire and sometimes the tire will just seal the connection between the rim and it and the beat at least on one side and when you remove the inner tube open up only one side of the tire so be very careful when you use the tire levers don't don't pull too much because then it could just you know open on both sides open just one side and make sure that one side the other side of your I just sticks nicely to them to the rim then remove the inner tube put the special tubeless valve and then you're going to have to fill up just one side of the tire means that you're not going to lose the air pressure on the other side just on one side so then just a lot of soapy water on one side and it might work for you okay so basically using the inner tube first can be really good idea and use it for even week or two on longer so that the tape will just nicely stick to the rim and your tire will get the right shape and then using a lot of soap removing the end of the valve so that you can blow in more air into it and if the tire seems to be loose using more layers of the tape might work for you so these are the the problems I solved somehow and if you have any other hacks and tricks for that put those in the comments and hopefully it will work for you as well thanks for watching see ya .

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