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everyone's come back with another video so today's video is going to be all about how I lighten my underarms so I'm going to be sharing five really helpful tips for you guys and I hope that they work for you I personally use all these tips on a weekly basis pretty much almost every single day I will explain everything to you guys I will leave all the links to everything that I use in the description box underneath this video only coupon codes or anything I have for you guys down below so I want to give you guys a quick little background story on my armpits and what I've been through I've always had dark underarms not only did I have dark underarms but I actually still have dark elbows my elbows are fairly dark my knees are much lighter now I've been working on my knees so elbows knees and armpits those were my areas that were very dark but my armpits and my knees has lightened up tremendously my elbows I still need to do a lot of work on my own I haven't really been consistently my elbows to be honest but my underarms my knees I've been like really working hard on them because they were the worst areas my armpits used to be very very diagnosed very insecure for a very long time for example like I would go to the gym and I only wear t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts if I was going to do upper body workouts meaning that you know any any workout that involves my arms having to be up I would make sure that I was wearing a t-shirt so that way if my arms went up you would not see my underarms sometimes even t-shirts would show my underarms so I would just wear a long sleeve shirt which really sucks because when you workout you get really hot you get really sweaty and having to wear long sleeve shirt all the time when you want to do upper body it was really annoying so I decided to do some research and I was able to you know collect a lot of tips and tricks and I made my own regimen or my own like underarms routine and it's been working for me so I've been using this routine I want to say for about a month about a month now and it's really been working for me and I honestly saw results and saw I want to say about a seventh date I was starting to see some changes on my underarms and I'm really really happy with how they look now so I will insert some pictures of what it looked like before before it was very dark it looks dirty but it wasn't dirty because I always see no me showers cleaning it you know so good water and scrubbing whatever but I was not exfoliating the old skin and it's buildup or whatever off of my skin I was just using like it like you notice a regular washcloth and soap and water I wasn't using an actual exfoliator which is what really helps to remove that dead skin off of your underarms or whatever no my armpits are much lighter much brighter they let their soft overall they just look really really good I still have a little bit of work to do but I'm almost there I think maybe another few weeks or so I should have it nice and even so this will my underarms look like now um like I said it still has a little bit more work to do but it's so much better than what it was a few weeks ago before it was just so dark and so embarrassing to lift up yeah this are as well I feel like this arm this armpit is a limit lighter than this one so I need to really work a little bit harder on this one but still way better than what I had before so I definitely will come back to you guys maybe in another month and let you guys know how things are going and if I try anything new so let's just get right into this video on what I've been doing exactly so before I take off my makeup when I get in the shower I like to start off with doing my armpit so I went ahead and I went to brush with warm water and now I'm taking my natural lightening soap and just kind of rubbing it all over the brush once that's done I go ahead and exfoliate my unarmed and I do this for about maybe about 30 seconds or so whence I'm done exfoliating I let the soap sit on my arms for about one to three minutes while I like to remove my makeup so this video was actually filmed at week 3 once 3 minutes has passed I go ahead and rinse off the soap so that's what my underarms are looking like at week 3 so on the days where I don't exfoliate I just take a little bit of my natural soap rub it up in my hands and then apply it to my underarms and the rest of my body this natural soap communities everywhere even down below on kids on your face everywhere you can use it to do anything even as a shampoo so once I'm out of the shower I make sure to follow up with a moisturizing lotion and I just apply that to my underarms and any areas that I used the natural lightening soap on then I follow up with my aluminum-free deodorant and I apply that all over my armpit so the first thing I want to mention to guys is to exfoliate that is something that I was not doing before and I don't know why I wasn't doing it before because I have a exfoliating brush I have my fin brush you guys have seen this before I've been using my student for over two years so I wanted to about two and a half years now I got it in 2015 December December 2015 is when I started using a spring brush it's not the exact same one from 2015 every Christmas I get myself a new one you don't have to but I like to just get myself a new brush it sounds like little Christmas gift to myself so I do have a coupon code for the spin brush it is SP for spin one you guys will get 70% off when you use my coupon code which is great and so you get this for 30 bucks versus 100 so the good thing about this brush is that it comes with this big brush if you guys can see and this is what you use for your body it also comes with two-faced brushes which is what I use on my face and it comes with a stone for your feet just focusing on the body brush today I do have videos on my skincare routine if you guys want to sit I'll leave it up above and I'll leave it down below yeah so it's wit exfoliating you remove the top layer of skin which is usually the darker layer so unless I started exfoliating I noticed that my skin started getting softer and also lighter because I was now removing that top layer of old dark skin which I wasn't doing before with just a regular washcloth the regular washcloth was just removing the deodorant and you know any build up that I had under my arms it was removing the top layer of skin that needed to be removed so I could see the lighter part of my body or the large part of my armpit so I started slowly and right away I started noticing a difference I wanted to by day three I started noticing that my skin was much softer yeah Jordan was going on better and my skin look lighter so my skin brush is definitely one of my favorite things to use for my underarms so don't just use this for my underarms I use it for everywhere I use it for my whole entire body so my next tip is to use a natural soap so the soap that I've been using is a pure PESTEL soap so this is an example of one this is my second bottle my first bottle was actually by the bread dr. Bronner unfortunate I don't have it here with me because I did finish it and I left it in the bathroom and empty bottle in the bathroom I mom threw it away so I don't have it with me but this one is basically the exact same thing just a different bread but is a natural soap so I started using this one it's unscented it has shea butter its baby safe as well so anyone can use it babies as well and yourself yes you can use it for taking a bath you can use it for your face you can use it and hence as a head so body wash shampoo it's just a really good all-around soap so I've been using this from my underarms and the rest of my body this one I found at Marshall but my first bottle is dr. Bronner I found at nutrition health said 'we've it's called so you can pretty much find it at a local health food store select healthy planet nutrition house I will leave links for you guys down below so yeah this one is unscented so there's no sense at all so if you want to you can always follow up with a sweet or scented body wash that's what I do I use this first to clean away all the dirt and build up and then I use a something sweet after the reason why I use a unscented natural soul sometimes scented products can irritate your skin which can lead to redness sores or even darkness so that's one of the reasons why I switched over to using an all-natural product just to kind of see if maybe the oldest scented products I was using before was causing my arms to get dark too insensitive so I haven't noticed any problems with using this so I'm just going to continue using it it's the best way to go anyways it's 100% natural so I'm just going to stick with this my next tip is another really good tip so I actually stopped shaving I don't shave my underarms anymore and because shaving can cause cuts and bruises it can irritate the skin and also it can lead to discoloration so I completely stopped using razors so I stopped using razors and I now wax so this is a web strip so you can get watch this at Walmart shellfish are more targeted you know but for me personally I like to get my underarms waxed professionally so I go to a salon and get it waxed the hair under your arms grow back a lot slower it comes back in very fine and soft your skin feels very smooth and soft as well you don't have to worry about shaving every few days for me experts up when my hair grows really really quickly under my arms so if I was to shape to date the hair would be back or start showing and it's like tomorrow so with waxing I don't have to worry about waxing for like as good I want to take good 3-4 weeks I just started doing it so the more I do it the less I will have to get it done so forget about the shaving and switch over to waxing if you want to if you don't want to that make sure that you really lather up on your soap or your shaving cream before you start shaving that we don't cut or irritate your skin if you can use maybe a natural soap or a natural shaving cream so my next tip is something that I recently started using is a natural lightning soap so right now I have in a little ziplock bag just because it actually comes in like a full-size you know so far and I didn't want to keep the full size in the bathroom because after a while the heat in the water touching it will it will suck to melt and you know make a vesicle bathroom so I decided to cut it up into three equal squares and operate it so I have two squares here and I have like a little tiny piece left upstairs in the bathroom so I'm still working on that piece basically I just cut them up into three pieces and I kept this and I kept these two pieces in this little bag for later on the piece that I've been working on basically what I do is I whip my underarms with some warm water I take my soap and you know make it all nice and soapy and then I apply it to my underarms and once I like you know really get in there I let it sit for about 1 to 3 minutes and then I rinsed it off from what I've seen now what I've heard you shouldn't leave it on any more than 3 minutes because it can cause dryness so I just leave it on for about 1 to 3 minutes while I do the rest to my body so I pre only use the soap on dark area so for sample elbows knees and underarms that's the only three places that I personally use it on I know some other people may use it on maybe knuckles are me you know other places that they're not happy with but for me knees elbows and an arm that's it it's a really light natural lightning so for me I haven't experienced any dryness or anything like that and I always make sure that whenever I use this I follow up with moisturizing the area that I use it on so I put like a little bit of a lotion on the area that I used it on so that way it wouldn't cause any dryness for me I always make sure that it's the area is nice and moisturized so yeah so I use this about I want to say about five times a week I definitely should be using it more if I want better results and I want them faster but I just but to be honest I use about five times a week because sometimes I do forget but yeah sometimes a week they say - for the best results do it two times a day every single day but I do it one time of day five times a week so yeah so I actually got this online on eBay I'll try and leave a link down below for you guys I believe this is called the PO G so clear last but not least I stopped using deodorant that contain aluminum aluminum is known for making your armpits you know sensitive also they can cause discoloration so I completely stopped using all my other deodorants and I got myself this one so this is a soft and dry aluminum free solid stick deodorant so you guys can see it says aluminum free right here I got this at my local Walmart I talk about how much it was might be like five dollars or even less I can't remember but I completely stop using all the other deodorants and I've been using this one I want to say for about a year now maybe even more isn't the powder one it looks like this goes on Claire and it dries clear so I like that and it has a very light scent I have the powder fresh one this routine has been working for me for the past month and I hope that you guys try it out and if you do let me know how it works for you or if you have any tips or tricks definitely let me know down below I would definitely try out some of your stuff also on a hunt for a natural deodorant if you guys know any good ones definitely let me know down below so hopefully this video was helpful and you guys learned some new things the coupon code for the spin brush will be in the description box as always yeah any questions leave them down below and I will talk to you guys later I .

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