How to Develop YOUR Personal Style

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What's up guys it's Jose thing again like the title says today I'm going to show you how you can develop your own personal style so I question that I'm sure you guys have quite often is what style will suit me best you know Maya Street style guy and shy just rapper or how can I just develop my own style and fall into one of those categories so in today's video I'm going to go over five things that you can do to start developing your own personal style because that's the great thing with South it's just a representation of your unique now also the first step to achieve that goal is to take into consideration your own goal and the lifestyle you live so what are your hobbies what is your job and configure clothing that fits that lifestyle because your perfect wardrobe or your perfect clothing should not just be tailored by your creativity but also adjusted for the lifestyles that you carry so consider the persona you want to reflect upon the world yes your style should be a reflection of your personality but it also has to make sense in the fields that you're working if you're an attorney you're not going to be dressing like a hips number two about personal style is that it has to be authentic it has to be you so when you're going out and shopping for clothing try to ignore all like the noise try to ignore the brand but designers or the trends because so many times we forget our own personal style and we start just gravitating oh that's the East Armour on boot let me pick that up even if it might not like it or work with your own personal style or oh this is trending let me pick it up so try to ignore all that noise and instead experiment with different textures different patterns different shoes different accessories if you've never worn for example women try something linen now put it on if it feels good and like it would work with your lifestyle add it to your personal style the same can be said with the rest of those categories again it'll build to your 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change their business model so they're not only selling on the fifth of the month all their nice poor watches you can buy those all year round now however on the fifth of every month they're going to do custom limited edition drops that not everybody can have but you should sign up to their mailing list that way you don't miss the drop the third thing to develop your personal style is to trust your own instincts again this goes along the lines with authenticity and it being for yourself when you try something on and you stand in the mirror if your first instinct is I don't know about feel about this change it why because you're going to feel uncomfortable which is directly than a correlate with your confidence and you're just not going to feel good or stylish all day on the other hand if it's the complete different scenario you see an outfit and even if it might be edgy or something you're not used to but you look at it and you're like wow I look amazing guess what you should step out with that outfit because chances are you're going to be projecting that aroma of confidence and you're going to look more stylish therefore developing your own personal style number four is something that I've talked about before and it's finding fashion icons now icons are for inspiration has to directly just mimic everything they do and this is important for a couple reasons because you don't want to be trapped by your own creativity so finding other fashion icons and more specifically finding people that have your same build type in your skin complexion so if you're a tall dark guy like me I would find fashion icons with that are probably tall slim and dark why because whatever colors they wear and clothing they wear that looks good on them chances are it's going to look good on me I'll do the hair maybe you're shorter and a lighter skin complexion then find a fashion icon that has that same build that way what they're wearing chances are is going to look good on you as well and finally the fifth thing is the biggest question of the mall so they what's I will look good on you should I go for free style dressy or but the truth is I don't think there's a one size fits all when it comes to this question reality is I think the most stylish guys are the ones that can fall off any look and look amazing and comfortable in any scenario and they dress for the occasion so when you develop your personal style don't just fall into one category or I'm just going to dress casually and street wear if you can again develop it and evolve it'll just be more beneficial to you because you'll be able to dress for any occasion if there's a dressy event that you have to attend you're going to look great in it if you just need to school to school and wear something casual you're still going to look great on it so to answer your question the best thing is experiment with them off see what you feel comfortable with at best try to master all alright boys that's it for today's video I hope you enjoyed it those are five ways to help you start developing your own personal style if you enjoyed this video and found it helpful don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsor v I'm going to have these guys linked down below with the discount go so you guys can check them out that's it for me today tnx .

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