How to Make a Crepe Paper Poppy

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welcome to craft school today I'm going to show you how to make this gorgeous oriental poppy and we're going to use the extra fine crepe paper and the thing I love about this crepe paper with this flower is poppies have such a delicate fine petal and the extra fine just gives it that realistic look so let's get started the crepe paper that I used in this puppy bouquet is this extra fine that's made in Germany and I use black vanilla chiffon honeysuckle and green tea you can buy them individually or you can also get most of the colors in this 10 pack plus you'll want to buy the black for my tools and materials I have an 18 gauge wire 20 gauge wire wire cutters pinking shears regular craft scissors green floral tape 1 inch foam balls my hot glue gun and glue low temperature I have two different art markers and we'll talk about those in detail my patterns and for my leaves since there's so much detail I'm using this lightweight green paper that I picked up at the art store the first thing we're going to do is cut out our crepe paper pieces and I want you to take note on some of the details on the pattern I have exactly how many pieces to cut marked here on the pattern as well as these markings that say grain and this is going to be how you'll place the actual pattern on the grain line and the grain line is how the paper is stretched and you can see these little lines when usual just a paper and you can see how it stretches that's the grain line I'll cut my patterns out just in a simple way we don't have to get into the detail yet and we'll start with the pedal so this pattern says cut six petals all these wrinkles won't show in fact we'll make it even more wrinkly so don't worry about those and I'll measure to see how wide this pattern is and then cut a strip all the way down and since I know I'll need more petals I'll do another layer the nice thing about this extra fine crepe paper is it's so light and delicate that you can cut multiple layers at a time so I can cut at least one flower in just one cast six petals that's really easy to do so we have our wits cut place the pattern back on and now I'll trim my ice cut just to make these nice little layered pieces so there's four petal and we'll want six for this flower and I'm going to save these pieces for my next puppy make sure all your ends are brought out and then carefully go in and cut right on top of your pattern now these patterns are a guide and if you're not exactly on the line it doesn't really matter by the time we have it stretched out and ruffled it will all look absolutely beautiful the next piece he'll cut is this black piece and this is for the stamen and you'll want to make sure you see the grain line this way so rather than cutting it vertically you'll want to cut horizontally on the paper and we'll need two of you place that on the edge of paper so I'm going to cut enough for two lengths here is one piece then we have just one small piece and this will be covering our sea pod and we only need one sometimes I cut out to just have an X run on hand because we are going to use the marker on this piece and it's such thin paper that you get a little crazy with this marker you might go through so you can always put another piece right on top if that happens the last piece for this flower are the leaves now this is a very delicate complicated leaf and I cut them out of this other paper it's just a lightweight text wait colored paper that you get at your craft store and when you're done it will look like this now I'm going to be honest with you I did not cut this out with my scissors I used my cutting machine and we also have an SVG Cup file if you do have a cutting machine you can download those or if you want to cut them out by hand or with an exacto knife you can do that too if these are a little too complicated for you to cut out by hand or if you don't have a cutting machine we've also included a simpler leaf that you can cut out by hand now that everything is cut out we are ready to assemble we're going to start with the center of our poppy and I'm going to need this one inch ball and then the 18 gauge wire and the 18 gauge wires to heavier wire one of the things that I like to do when I place the ball on the wire is bend the tip because that will give me a little bit more surface so that the ball doesn't pop off so you just give it a little bit of a circle there I'm going to straighten that out you look like a popsicle head and then another trick I like to do in order to get the ball in I'll either place my hot glue gun to melt it or you can even take the tip of your scissors and poke a little bit of a hole and then place some glue inside and that will give you a really secure hold and then I'm going to take my green centerpiece and with my sons I'll stretch that out to form this beautiful cone and this actually almost makes it a full circle I'll place my ball right into that and then add some glue to the top and just close that up very gently I'm going to have a little bit of wrinkling as you bring it around but it's not too bad make it as smooth as possible and then once I have it wrapped I'll go ahead and spin it in my fingers so that I twist it around the wire open that up just a little bit add some glue and then twist it again and this gives me a really nice complete hold and it keeps it tight against the ball now we're going to paint the crown onto this ball and I have two different markers that I like to use I have a water based marker tombow number eight seventy nine you can use anything a gray a brown a black any of those will work and I like to use my fine point first the reason why I'm using a water base before the alcohol base is if I did alcohol over alcohol it would smudge and run together so this keeps the line really nice and crisp so I'm looking straight down at my ball holding it so that it's right at eye level and I'll start on one side and very carefully draw a line to the other side so it splits the ball in half then I'll turn it and do the same thing to get an X and you can see my line is about halfway down the ball then I'll just hold it sideways and make a line halfway between rotate that again halfway between halfway between and now I have eight lines then one more time just make a line halfway between so we have 16 don't worry about perfection nature's never perfect and then to get the dense eye of this papi I'll take my pen and just sort of drag it down in between each of those but only I'd say about halfway down my line because it's just the center it's almost the iris of this eye on the puppy on the poppy pod and then once I've added that I'll go back and maybe pop in a little dot here and there to identify it just enough to give it you know that definition and this is a really quick and easy way to give the realistic feel of this poppy pod because you know these are actually a much more three-dimensional and they have bumps but this is a good way to give it that feel without actually molding your phone ball once I have that done I'm going to go to my alcohol base and I'm going to use the paintbrush side so there's two sides this one has a chisel and this one has a paintbrush and this is a fairly light color on the edge of my paintbrush I'm just going to drag it down you can see how it doesn't change the color all that much but it does give a variation and definition for the top of this poppy pod for my statement I have these two pieces of black and another trick that I like to do you don't have to do it but I think it's a really good touch is use my pinking shears on the edge I'm just trimming off a very very fine line here on the edge the reason I do this that way when I cut all my little eyelashes there's no blunt edges there's an angle edge and that makes it look more realistic a little less you know once I just want to write the right word for this so two of those and I use my other scissors and make these little tiny statement as fine as possible the reason why I cut this game in and two pieces rather than one long strip is it's just so much easier not only to cut when I'm doing these little eyelashes but also to wrap around the puppy and this is what it should look like when you're done to add these underneath my pod I'll just put some glue right here on the end and place it right underneath the pod almost onto the wire add some more glue you can do little strips at a time I'll just roll that between my fingers it seems to be easier and then once I have it completely rolled on I'll press it together and this is a reason why I like working with the love temperature hot glue gun because I can touch this without burning my fingers and that looks pretty good but I think I want another one so we'll have the second out of this much glue as you think you can wrap before it cool and then give that a nice pinch and then once that's cooled I'll take the palm of my hand okay - look at this has a little bit longer because of the way that I put it on to trim them off that works and once that's cool I'll take my hand and kind of press it down with my fingers to make it look a little bit more natural you don't want everything to be really even and when now we're ready for the pedals so we only have six petals now some puppies have four some have more depends on the poppy for this particular design I decided six it's up to you if you want to change that up my pedals are really large and all we're going to do is stretch out the center to make this beautiful Cup if you want to you can give the edge a little bit of a ruffle but then once you're done with that we're going to do this and this is very very satisfying because then when we were open it back up this actually looks like what a poppy petal looks like so since there's six petals I'll do three at a time I'll do you know one two three in a triangle and then three underneath it that seems to work the best I'll put a little strip of glue on the flat place at the bottom of the petal I'm going to bunch them together and then place that right underneath the black so you want a bit of that pink to hit the wire and I'll show you why when we're ready to take this so there's the first petal and to the second and then the third so if you wanted to make a four petal poppy you can see how adding one more petal it would look really perfect but I'm going to add three more same idea it just place those between the first three okay look how easy it is to make an absolutely gorgeous poppy flower and the last thing we'll do to finish it off before we add our leaves is just put some floral tape on so the reason I like to glue my petals onto my wire is it gives me a surface to add the floral pit because floral tape doesn't really like to stick to wire now no worries if you didn't do it because you can just take a little piece of this green paper add some glue and then just place that right over the top of your pink and that will give you some a surface to tape on to and then we'll go right into the tape so floral tape the thing you need to remember is you activate it by stretching it and warming it with your fingers if you have a really nice quality floral tape it will be made with wax and the heat of your fingers will actually melt the wax and make it stick to each other but it's also really important that you give it a little bit of a stretch and now that that's done we can add some leads so I have my leaves pre-cut and this is what I caught on the cutting machine with this lightweight colored paper I'll grab my scissors this is my theory if there's a flat piece of paper and you're making a flower or a leaf you want to make it not flat I'll take the edge of my scissors and rotate back and forth to give this leaf some depth and some shapes and I think it looks so much more realistic now these leaves are a little bit flimsy so the way that I take care of that is I'll cut a bit of this 20 gauge wire I have just a few inches here and we'll want to put out tiny bead of glue maybe on the last inch and a half and then place the wire onto that and let that cool and that will give it just enough body so that you can tape it onto the stem of your flower and I have two different sizes of leaves so I'll take the smallest one first and I'll place that maybe two inches underneath the head of my poppy and then just tape that right on to my stem and this makes it really secure when move down just a few inches and then add my second leaf continue adding the tape and there's a complete puppy this is a perfect flower for the beginner and as you can see these wrinkled petals make it so forgiving and it's beautiful just on its own if you make one or you can add it into a bouquet if you liked this video give it a thumbs up below and make sure that you subscribe to our youtube channel so that you can get more crafty videos every week you .

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