How to test Polarity on your tweeter

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Hi guys attention install today we're going to show you how to test for positive negative on your tweeters I don't want it on mark them stay tuned so a couple weeks back we did some talk about tweeters and power and fun stuff like that an interesting question came on and they were like you know when I'm putting in a tweeter most of the time like this tweeter here there's no positive negative you have no idea what is positive negative you just have to assume that maybe the stripe is negative but then again sometimes the stripe is positive what do I do well if you've got some form of an iDevice either an iPad iPod Touch an old phone or something like that and you can download apps we have a solution for you that's not to say that you can't do it on Android I just had no luck finding an app that would do it so if you find one put a link down below otherwise let's get to it so for this trick you're going to need some form of an eye device with a headphone jack if you've got a new one you could use something that converts the Lightning to headphone jack - that'll work fine want to turn it on go to the app store and you want to download an app called speaker pop now what speaker pop does is it puts a test go now now for this what we're going to do is we need an ox jacket also just get yourself a cheap one doesn't have to be all that fancy because we're going to do this although this is going to be fun oh yeah we're going to cut it in half wasn't that fun alright so now that we've cut it in half we want to go ahead and we want to strip back some of the cable go ahead and pull it up alright so now go ahead and strip the tips back on all the wire and then grab yourself a digital multimeter go ahead and set it to the cool radiating lines which is the continuity test you want to do this and what we're looking for is the bottom and the top so the bottom is red in the top is light we're not going to use the yellow so we can go ahead and just cut that off now at this point you can do whatever you like if you want to call it done and just put some pins on here you can if you just want to solder these tips up and make them a little bit stiffer than they are if you just try to do this quickly you know whatever turns on you can install some Gators on here if you want we're just going to go ahead and solder these up for right now just so they're a little thicker so we've gone ahead and Kenyon's like I said you can cover these ends with whatever you want to make them as cool as you want though wire that is close to the inside which in this case was the red is ground the tip out here is positive that's important because you need to know which is positive and negative this order to find out what's positive and negative on the Twitter now we have three different tweeters here we have this Alpine tweeter here that is clearly not marked we have a Rockford they use red and black mighty nice of them then we have a pioneer that's actually marked so we will be able to use this to test to see if we're getting the right thing that way when we're using something that is a mark like the Alpine we're good to go alright so go ahead and turn on our test tone and once we plug in the 8th inch Jack you'll hear the tick tick anymore because it's built in alright so go ahead and strip this back and ran its ground just go ahead and twist this like this we have a tick go ahead and put this next to the speaker so our signal strength is good and we're getting a positive let's check so we're using the white stripe for positive according to this the white stripe is positive okay so that works let's move on to the rocker tweeter let's go ahead and hook it up backwards just to see what it does turn on we got our tick so sure enough it's given us a negative so we know is hook this one up backwards okay so we know if we hook it up backwards it's going to read backwards now we'll go to the tweeter that we have no indication on and at this point we feel fairly confident that we're going to get it right because we've hooked it up correctly and on correctly and it's work perfect on both so now we can come over here we'll just hook it up and there we go we have a positive so white is positive so then we know that the stripe on the Alpine is negative that's it it could be that hard it's like I said speaker pop is downloadable from the iTunes Store it does cost money I think it's 3 or 4 bucks it's totally worth it though now obviously we don't want to just say the app to do just this although that was the whole point of this if you pick up yourself a very long aux cable like this one here I believe this one is 20 feet you can plug this into here plug this into the aux jack on the stereo and literally go around to each speaker in the car after you've hooked them all up and test to see if the speaker is polarity it's hooked up right that means the positive is positive negative negative all right there you go real easy way to figure out positive negative on a tweeter and with that we're done so you can find it Facebook Instagram YouTube like the video if it was helpful it's really nice subscribe if you want to talk to us Facebook live Monday nights 6:30 Eastern Standard Time and with that you guys have a great night as always and we will see you later next time bye .

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