CHANGE YOUR BAD HABITS - Motivation Video 2017

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why is it so hard to do the little things that would improve my life and what I've come to realize and what we'll talk a lot about today is that the way that our minds are designed is our minds are designed to stop you at all costs from doing anything that might hurt you the next morning the alarm goes off and I pretended NASA was there it's a stupidest story I literally went five four three two one account it out loud and then I stood up and I'll never forget standing there in my bedroom it was dark it was cold it was winter in Boston and for the first time in three months I had beaten my habit of hitting the snooze button and then I started to notice something really interesting there were moments all day long all day long just like that five-second moment in bed where I knew knowledge what I should do and if I didn't move within five seconds my brain would step in and talk me out of it every human being has a five-second window might even be shorter for you you have about a five-second window in which you can move from idea to action before your brain kicks into full gear and sabotages any change in behavior but some people ask me all the time if you really want to get lasting change real results that stick around what do you got to do for the most important things you learn Tony in that area I tell people the most common thing people talk about is how they want to make a change in their life but everybody wants to change but nobody wants to work out you know everybody wants muscle but nobody wants to train see one of the challenges that we have in our lives if we don't realize that the process of training ourselves the process of positioning ourselves she feels incredible once you get that initial momentum most people go why why do so many people say well I watched a hundred pounds you know the same ten pounds ten times or they'll tell me you're on my fourth day without a cigarette man I'm doing really good if you're counting the days it's not lasting change you just count the days you tell people how long you last it if you want lasting change you've got to give up this idea of trying something the loudest and best relationships never win it's just for people that aren't winning think the problem is everybody wants to be anointed a winner or best at what they do before they've actually done it let me just remind you and everybody else here if you're good enough you will win but if you are upset that somebody else's grandpap you got them ahead of you then you're going to lose everybody started ahead of me I'm just catching up what I do and what's changed my life is waking up and realizing that motivations garbage I'm never going to feel like doing the things that are tough for difficult or uncertain or scary or new so I need to stop waiting until I feel like it and number two I am one decision away from a totally different marriage a totally different life a totally different job a totally different income a totally different relationship with my kids what one father could you have that made you gave you and allowed you push p2g with you because you can think of nothing better more exciting more energizing to get up every day and go do than whatever it is that you selected and I think in reso you really have to have a passion about it and you have to have a reason to succeed you can't it isn't to be just something we want to be that you have to have a niche and a passion you need those two things see people are not being fully expressive in their unique strengths they lose self-esteem if you're passionate and driven and focused in what you do if you're really good at it people will take notice that's basically it so some thoughts some beliefs are limited you know I'll never be good enough and never be successful I'll never be rich I never have a good relationship to ugly I'm not attractive enough I'm not thin enough etc remember these thoughts will belong to you so you have to whenever you have the start you should ask yourself is the truth how am I so sure if this is true is this thought limiting me how could I go beyond this limitation when you're sitting at your cubicle when you're lining up for class getting ready to go through the school day or whether it getting ready to take those kids out and get them going but any day is where one thing I want you to make sure you remember is don't quit no matter how it goes for the day no matter what you go through make sure you don't quit we always say just do it that's 90 trade mark but make sure when you just do it you'll understand that you won't quit through the process have a poem for you right now I'm a senior about your way don't let's take of much your time but I do want to bring it for you right now and it goes like this don't quit arts are unknown because every day when things go wrong they sometimes will when the road that your tragedies all uphill where chairs are pressing you down a bit rest of you must but don't you quit life is clear with his twists and turns and every one of us sometimes learner bitter your failure turned about though it might award had he stuck it out so don't give up though to pacing slow you must succeed with just another blow successes failures turn inside out your silver tips that are clouded out you never know how close you are you might be near but you seem so far so stick to the fight when you heart is hit it's where these all go you must not quit .

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