How to Stay Motivated to Eat Healthy & Work Out

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Hello everybody I'm welcome back to fitness Friday now today's video is about how to stay motivated now motivation is a really really hard thing when you're living a healthy lifestyle or you're working out more and you're eating healthier anything like that motivation is key if you want to stick at it because sometimes it's really easy to do at the beginning and you know you're doing it and then suddenly you kind of hit like a bit in the road you're like you know you kind of slack off like you might eat a bit more and healthier you might miss the gym more and all that type of stuff so these are just like motivation tips and things that I do so if there's any that have mentioned please leave them down below in the comments because it would help me and it will also help everyone else reading the comments and that would be really helpful my first motivation tip is to wear clothes that you like to the gym now the thing is if you're one cares that you don't like even like day-to-day life you're not as motivated to do things with if you've got something nice on you like how you look and you like what you're wearing you're much more motivated to do something or just in general I change up my sports well quite a bit so i'll wear pink or purple or black I tend to earn a lot of black and I've got different types different sports bras different bottoms and if I like how they look and I like what they look like and they're nice and colorful and they're fun it just really motivating because then when I get up in the morning I go to the gym I'm putting on clothes that I like instead of clothes that I'm like I don't really like these I don't like how they look it's just a lot more motivational for me and it really really helps me so number two is don't deprive yourself and find alternatives now basically arriving by this is when people start eating healthier a lot of people go I'm not gonna eat any chocolate and we're going to eat any junk food now that may be realistic to a few people and I mean like a really small minority but to the majority of us that's not realistic I mean I could never eat junk food or never eat chocolate I love chocolate and all of that other stuff and it's all about moderation so I'm not on a diet I just changed my diet so this is like a long-term healthy lifestyle I'm trying to live so I don't want to cut out things completely that I love to have so I love chocolate and I used to eat it on a daily basis at the end of this year which was not good at all because it just moves already sluggish and I felt bloated I'm full and you don't really feel good and makes you feel really lazy don't really like do anything so I do love myself chocolate and I don't allow myself all the time and when I do I buy a smaller bar instead of a bigger bag but I do sometimes but a bigger bag because sometimes you just can't resist you just need to treat yourself but majority of the time I buy a smaller bottle chocolate the thing is the more you deprive yourself of something and you're like I'm not going to allow myself to have it no I can't have it the more you actually wanted so like there was a point last year when I was a time knocking at any chocolate for a month and oh my gosh I didn't even last a week because where I said myself I'm not allowed any I just wanted it even more a good thing to do is to find alternatives or food that you love and now so I love chocolate so I've kind of replace it with cereal bars but I do still I myself took ilat sometimes I love snacking so much I snack throughout the day like anything now I went through a phase or beaten lots and lots of coffee pot become because I do really love popcorn and then I discovered met I think they could met castlenet ya think I've got Metcalfe's I can't let pronounce it properly but it's like Metcalfe skinny top corn and basically what it is this pop comp is really healthy version so I tend to eat these instead of ordinary Popcaan codes much healthier and they're really really yummy so I've got three white cheese one which i love and i also think these are the big bags but those do some one of us but i bind the big bags and then I can kind of make it last me longer if I'm a sex ever buy a smaller bag I just eat it all in one go so I have this one and this is the white sheet and this is really i'm at meeting at the moment we subscribe and little clip roulette i've also got the sergeant's old one and this is great if you have a salty like a soldier than your craving salty foods like the ever crave and like chips or doubt that these are really great and they've really helped these crazy and I've also got a sweet and salt which is on my favorites but my actual favorite is chocolate crackle but I get these from Tesco and these restaurant often are only allowed which was really really good but um they do at my gym the chocolate crackle and your small bags of them but it's my favorite all-time of these top corns and I love them and there's so much healthier and it does just all you've got to do is kind of replace you know replace piece that you love with healthier alternatives and you already see a changing yourself and your feel so much better so I and always eat healthy dinners I will sometimes go out for a burger in a restaurant or something or have some really unhealthy because it's okay to treat yourself once in a while as long as you're not doing it every single day then it's fine to do it once in a while number three is to change up your workout routine and you're eating now my workout routine changes on a daily basis the in the gym I always change what I'm doing so for example for cardio I might go on the treadmill one day next on the cross trainer and then on the exercise bike I'm always changing out I sometimes go to classes I always change it up because i feel like if you keep doing the same thing you'll get bored really quickly and so I just really enjoy doing that and sometimes it's a case of I go to the gym and I just do whatever I feel like I want to do so i don't really be like i'm gonna do jogging today I'm going to cycling today it's just whatever I feel like I want to do that's just what I do now this is the same for eating healthy don't eat the same meals every day unless you really really love them now I really love porridge with honey and my granola for breakfast and I do have that basically every single day because I really love it and I really really enjoy it but like dinners and lunches try and change them up a lot I love maybe I was their only tend to have once that week because I do like to change it up and lot and eat a lot of different foods I also like to kind of like go online and research new recipes healthy eating recipes and you'll find lots of things that you love like pizza you can have healthy alternatives to pizza you can just even like my kind of like desserts like brownies you can make that avocado brownie thought I'd like avocado but these are really good you'll also make cashew brownies and all that hopes if you can still enjoy the foods that you love but just have healthier alternative changing it up kind of keeps you motivated because you don't get bored and you love where you're eating yours changing it and try new recipes and all that it's all exciting you're trying new foods and stuff you haven't tried before it it just really helps to motivate yourself a thing instead of being like oh I've got salad again today or something because that's quite boring I don't actually eat a lot of salix I don't really like it but I tend to have like other stuff like a mile quinella one day or brown rice one day I don't have quite a lot of those type of stuff for lunch and yeah I just really Fred it helps number four is to talk about your goals or go to the gym or eat healthy with a friend now even if like you don't have a friend who wants to go Jim with you or eat healthy talk about your goals to them because it really helped you like motivate yourself especially if they have got themselves and maybe like once a week talk about your progress and how far you've come and what you're doing and what you enjoy eating you just share recipes share workout routines try new stuff and it was really really helps if there's someone else who just with you now my boyfriend comes to the gym with me nearly every single day some days I do go on my own if he's working really late or something i will just go on my own but because he goes I'm always motivated to go say he goes tomorrow and he started going to the gym I always go with him because it really helps to motivate myself and it works both ways and cause we're both eating healthier now we kind of we only have healthy food in the house so we don't have like junk food or anything so we're not tempted to like you know like leave each other astray or something by like having all this unhealthy food and temptation in the covers like it's just really good that we're both doing it together if you can find someone who has a little healthier lifestyle with you it will make everything so much easier so the last one is to record your progress whether this is by measuring yourself weighing yourself or if you don't like that the stuff taking photos of us out now because I want to get like more definition and more toned I take picture myself every two weeks sometimes I leave it for weeks if I'm like oh do really you know I just it just depends every two to four weeks I take another picture when I actually see that change just really made face me to carry on and those days we were like I drawing to go to the gym I don't want to do this anymore I just want to eat junk I just don't want to do this anymore look at those photos or these measurements look at the progress you've made and I can assure you you'll feel so much better and you'll want to carry on with it because when you especially with the photos I think when you can see like a physical change that you can see it in photos it makes so much better and also think about how you used to feel because when I ate like a lot more and healthy I kind of felt sluggish all the time I've got blowed to all the time I didn't have as much energy and now I'm much healthier I just feel so much better within myself and also things like my anxiety my stress levels they've gone so much down since I've started working out and eating healthier and it's just stuff like that just keep reminding yourself while you're doing it and also make sure doing it for yourself so that's everything that are you to keep motivated I hope this helps of you like say the beginning of the video if you have any other tips leave them down below because I'd love to read them and I'm sure other people work if there's a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and you're enjoying the fitness for a day so far and if you're subscribe see you next week's video and leave any requests down below and I'll be sure to check them out and I see you next time thank you for watching bye so this is my gym bag and it's an IKE one and it's very very big .

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