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Hello everyone thank you for watching the political vigilante I'm grandma what an awesome that you're supporting independent media you can do that by going to the patreon patreon I'm going to talk about stuff in a way the corporate media is probably not going to talk about and thank you to all yesterday who were participating in the super chat Sunday I know I had some tech issues there was some buffering stuff I'm gonna hopefully get that fixed before I do it again this week should I just got a hardwired it get the right software on the computer who bully a lot of nerd stuff so I want to talk about the North Korean missile launch that they test they were the test for their long-range missile it's relevant for obvious reasons but also I talked about the new South Korean president moon jae-in who within hours of winning his election in South Korea said I want to talk about peace I want to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula and I'm open to talking to the north so this article that I'm referring is from the Telegraph the UK publication and the article that Vladimir Putin warns against intimidating North Korea after dangerous missile tests so that's interesting that says how is being reported in England and I'm sure if it's America it's like Russian buddies up to North Korea to crush us all and they are going to send a missile to Hillary's email servers or whatever so this is it we're in a very interesting situation because Putin warns against this because the rocket landed you know what Korea is right there in his in Putin's and Russia's hemisphere and China there South Korea Japan and so North Korea has always acted sort of they've acted obviously though crazy they've talked about in the past so they would turn Seoul into rubble and they're good that they keep saying we're going to develop a rocket that's going to get to the west coast of the United States and I mean I'm not excusing the crazy behavior of Kim jong-un and but the thing and this this this article goes very long long and there's some relevant information in here and I'll put the link below in the show notes but it's not till the very end of the article that it says the last paragraph of this article the launch came as troops from the US Japan and two European knit nations gather near Guam for drills that are partly a message to North Korea the USS Carl Vinson and aircraft supercarrier is also engaging with South Korean navy ships and waters off the Korean Peninsula according to Seoul's Defense Ministry gee I wonder if that has anything to do with it and this is one again the sort of American arrogance or look if if Kim jong-un has a long-range nuclear missile and he wants to use it that is a real threat for sure but how do we expect this is just we're the most we have the biggest military on the planet and we're flexing our muscles imagine I've said this before what if a big military china-russia somebody like that was doing maneuvers in the Gulf of Mexico or near the Baja Peninsula of Mexico what if there was a super cat like a Russian super carrier not just down near Central and America what would we just get all cool or would you be like whoa maybe we're going to test the rocket you know what if it was just California was its own country you know and there was some foreign military down there California might go we're going to launch a rocket into the Pacific Ocean just to let everybody know we've got it right they're acting crazy they've always acted this way and we keep thinking that they're going to buckle - to force they're not they might just get more crazy and they might just go okay you back us into a corner I'm gonna blow everything up I'm gonna blow up my own country I'm gonna blow up I'll wait till a hundred thousand US troops and our our borders and then I'll blow it all up and I'll take South Korea with me then we'll launch a couple missiles into Japan and ha ha ha they might just do crazy shit like that you don't need to flex your muscles everybody knows how strong you are why don't you come from a position of peace of strength of like look we don't want this to go wrong what can let's talk here let's let's talk you know that they're not doing any of that I mean I guess North Korea is lucky that they don't have their own oil or minerals otherwise we would have gone in there and done some there'd be some humanitarian rights and crises and we'd have to go in there and do some regime change real quick if they had oil there so I'll go into what was said the nikki Haley the US ambassador to the UN said on ABC television that the United States has been working well with China Pyongyang's closest ally and she raised the possibility of new sanctions against North Korea including on oil imports all right they still act crazy when we do this the Security Council has adopted six increasingly tougher sanctions resolutions against North Korea president Donald Trump administration is called North Korean ballistic and nuclear efforts unacceptable but it has swung between threats of military action and offers the talk as it formulates a policy yeah just more haphazard Trump foreign policy while mr. Trump has said he'd be honored to talk with the North Korean leader under the favorable conditions miss Haley seemed to rule out the possibility having a missile test is not the way to sit down with the president because he's absolutely not going to do it she told ABC they just keep acting in the same way yeah I know the missile test makes everybody that the progressive South Korean new leader go on whoa everyone asked a question this Shinzo Abe a the Prime Minister of Japan said that the launch was actually unacceptable and Japan would respond resolutely okay again I'm not excusing what North Korea is doing but if you keep backing people into a corner what do you think they're going to do what do you think you're gonna do I'd love to see a world leader talk the way Gandhi did or Nelson Mandela after he got out of prison I'd really love to see that I'd like to see a world leader talk about that and why does America have to overreact to everything you know it's like some big strong guy that big like the UFC champion like a heavyweight UFC champion and then there's a little guy it's five six 130 pounds going over kicked your ass man and the big guy goes what you know look shouldn't the guy just go look man what are you scared what's wrong what do you like what if a big dude said that to you you're small guy who's a big guy you're like afraid of this dude so you instead of going I'm scared you don't admit you're scared you go outta fucking kill you and he sat down on the line saying how can we resolve this man I'm sorry I don't mean to intimidate you what's the problem how can we help what if we did that how crazy is that now could it kim jong-in might still go I'm not some blow everything up but like we haven't even tried that though we haven't even tried that tactic and again this isn't the American corporate media but it's still the the you know the USS Carl Vinson which that supercarrier alone could probably level North Korea is doing maneuvers close to its borders in its waters we don't think that that bothers anyone we're flexing our muscles to show them they're going to react this is how they react is anyone studied like their pattern of behavior and how we could come again come at it from a different standpoint see this is what if America was more of a benevolent country and how can we help we wouldn't have this kind of crazy major there's still might be crazy dictators like this doing crazy shit and would then sometimes we might have to go look but we stir up so much crap we stir up so much crap and then act an act innocent like we had no other choice really you had no other choice to bring a supercarrier in somebody as international waters we do this I mean we we had a giant armies in Afghanistan Iraq and we were wondering why Iran was acting crazy again I'm not excusing the behavior of a dictator and any horrible things that they have done and anything they have threatened to do but we should aren't we supposed to be better than that aren't we supposed to be take the higher ground instead it's like a crazy homeless guy says something to you have whooping homeless glacier then we fucking kick the homeless guys ass rather than going wow that guy suffers from severe mental illness he should get help I'd love to see America respond that way so I'm going to keep following this I hope the South Korean I have no faith in Trump or his winged bird people and I don't know Shinzo Abe a he's pretty right-wing - I'd love to see this South Korean president stay true to his word and like offer serious peace and go look man you can't do that you were going to shoot Rockets off you get everybody nervous how can we come to a resolution I'd love to see somebody at least try that because no one's tried that if you try that and he's still nuts well then he's nuts and I guess you got to use force but no one's tried that yet so you can't tell me that won't work because you haven't tried it thanks for watching the show you guys thanks for paying attention thank you for sharing these videos you guys participate you're supporting the show in so many great ways watching the video the ads play at the beginning the super chat stuff the patreon you guys are great and we're going to we're slowly building this channel up when I started we had 160 subscribers now we got 30 almost 3,300 so it's awesome and I'll keep doing this to the best of my abilities you .

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