Should There Be Age Restriction Policy in Indian Politics? : The Nonpartisans, Ep - 03

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So the full restart is or something that will make you believe in the youth of a hundred at make a big Google software CD decay can be Victor Rene was sorry called younger cloud seeding Valdez Co cloud-seeding Valdez go what sort of software after sorry documents are ganging up with the gear Sarina you buy here menisci kick your bodies Kissimmee yeah let em know Appa yeah you skin the evolution happened independent if you are never lost I really think we should have some young politicians of emotional vodka not at all this morning I got up at night no not at all someone else may be genuine lope de store naked cake in he came in Jacobi said anyone else is you know anybody else October Madame de paternity see do not regard subdued Naevia escapees go I'm Kamala munechika see me mr. Peterson up repeated abuse mission LT Todd akin Doolin whatta doctor Volodya patent law what's up man in here okay and all of you sorry so as you can see forty point three percent of our population is between the age of 25 to 54 ha that's you then there is 50 fires with people which is 7 percent of our population and then there is people above 65 that is 6 percent of the foundation that is our life now 7% operation with the people so now that you know this let's get further let's talk about some other person after we did some of our homework we came to know that 17 of the 33 ministers of the cabinet are above the age of 65 or will be the age of 65 by the time they will run out of there so you will see one point five percent of the population in that cabinet ministry which is extremely unbalanced economy youth demographic this statistic is significantly different from the population and the demographics of our country some young with the earth we are not saying that the premises above 65 but then they argue so I will be justifying why politicians should retire by the age of 65 and I on the other hand will justify why not you really want to do this any so there is no I don't think there is any valid points for you to talk about why this is just round moon porch why you want is entire Gandhi handling wood shop isn't I don't know this habit of having dynasty as a ritual in however the three will automatically be strong because if you can't be above 65 I don't think in in roughly can be able we need that on indirectness one day okay indirectness party politician they're public servants and they can be a part of the government as long as they conclusion that that's good forward but if it does happen so there are people saying that is getting old and he's losing is efficient to use here people can choose not to elect him in the next plenary the options will be heavy reduce if they cannot be in a particular position for a long time which I can call power a beverage we have two options one is young white men and on the other hand we have a good solid season campaign now that we pass the rules about 65 years old rules cannot comment to the ministry we are losing out on a great asset we've been talking about increasing employment and this will actually help us employ more people in the political background and just to cross-train that you're getting a good lot of paper with your qualification shit I think anything Brazil more exactly two synchros graduation will be forever thank you should be masters and common pattern even I imagine a lot of politicians today have great diplomatic relations so if we are to lose out on that one politician we might go on to lose on that one diplomatic relation elsewhere people today tend to be more connected to that one person rather than a quarter of a foot or two round port there will be a lot of pressure and particular party to be significant for long time they need to not use better quality of leaders every noun them and that will ensure quality of failures better - you're welcome people might tend to lose their hope and their credibility into a party pretty much like this so meant election of the 2014 the BJP won it under the strict action name of mr. Mohan okay agree there are people is Rahul Gandhi but it says that our ability to suppose to go for the boxes we want the betterment of the car a concise wrong area impossible room of troops a person let's move energetic even who has fire and them too big sub country a community a better place why not give them OC another very important point is that you cannot just go out and replace the senior statesman with a new politician you see people may not really get up with the new guy because the problem that we are facing in this current situation is well how do I take logo some Jovan hair or ministers missile footage there is a lot of generation gathers what I do what I mean this is there is some of the other band which comes out of nowhere because later on this Daniel generation a lot we need more young politicians to take up the mantle of being of ministers at a particular place so that the generation character keeps reducing and the rock group wants to clear a table through this ethos in the ministry comes awaken you will throw a round port well one might argue that Narendra Modi has now won effectively into reducing the number of ministers who are above the age of 75 and I like here Reva technique on one hand we are saying that ministers above the age of 65 should not be there but if we have a bracket that is a little higher than that we are making sure that a huge number of those experienced politicians would also fit into that bracket you want him not to handful your life and give you heart attack the more you will be in politics some more chances of you killing or the heart attack people also tend to be emotionally attached to a minister take the example of the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu jayalalithaa suppose she was supposed to retire at the age of 65 this could have caused a great scenario of chaos in the state itself we know that the citizens of Tamil Nadu were very depressed and saddened by the news of her family so my last point is what politicians can do after retirement is take a whole the skills of the younger ones they can give a lot of solutions to the problems of the leaders they become mentors and politicians you know this is the young politician who's facing of problems and particularly shows he has a solution so this guy can go to be the leader themselves so here's a cursor usually think about it take you aside or not and then come back to do so which is better this person now has to I sort of have one idea I'm pretty sure you will do the same thing K by 2 o'clock the old guy who takes to memorise I get but now would one got pretty stubborn with that idea in America they are ones are pretty like this twice when we need much so by the end of this entire Archbold and justifications and pretty sure he could not comport very strong solution we know that is God will not think that he just who but we can have something according to the democracy like the chart will I assure you the extreme in issues out of the video the same charge the same democracy can be as the mean smoke filling our cabinet ministers you get the idea maybe person the first camera when the three young one and the dreary posters of it season by loyal he can great goal the USA be and you know make a prime minister so cool hot twice attend you're not more than - time like like tenuous now that we reach to the end of the video you've reached the segment of the quote of this episode age is no guarantee of efficient pretty much the same way as youth is no guarantee not innovation again alright now that we have given our nonpartisan view on it why don't you give we all nonpartisan view about it you can leave your review on this exclamation mark on the night hand upper corner it has whose Beauty should there be an age restriction policy or not and you say yes I'd like to know what age policy do you think should be there should it be to keep 65 70 or 75 answer that question because we keep watching the pool also guys if you like the video your nose it will like it share it let's start talking about so this needs talking okay we need more young people in the talent in the cabinet also comment on the video on water your think can be the age restriction policy can you make it flexible cake do you think another favor will do sing something else would work comment down below will read it we get back to you and if you think you have stopped it for us pheww subscribe to the channel make sure you follow those on phalluses on this Instagram and the Facebook page and also the sofa we end up on our instagrams and me on my personal YouTube channel bye guys Cheers .

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