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Welcome to the windows insider channel and this is the tech news update we are Friday May 5th 2017 and today in our tech news update we have Tim Cook of Apple saying that Apple actually employs or creates more than 2 million jobs in the United States and that they will invest 1 billion dollars in manufacturing this year now one of the things that is wrong and that number is that the actual real number of employees in the United States from Apple 80,000 kind of far 2 million now that million 2 million is derived from the fact that apparently because of coders and everything surrounding the App Store it creates more jobs and of course they've said direct and indirect jobs thanks to that or 2 million in the United States now of course where you get these numbers is kind of a little complicated I do you know and I think you could give them that maybe there's more than 80,000 in you know people working thanks to Apple stuff but 2 million yeah I don't think that's know necessarily a real number here Microsoft who is going to a event in Shangai in may 23rd and they say that it will show the world what's next so we it's very interesting month for Microsoft we just had the edu event this week and now we're going to have the next week of course billed coming up from May 10 to 12 we expect to have announcements there especially with Windows and now we have another event on May 23rd where we think there's going to be some more Hardware over there kind of a very interesting thing here and basically probably the biggest month and and maybe the only announcements this year with all the announcements are doing who knows so it's gonna be interesting to see what comes up and I've hardware in software side with Microsoft Qualcomm is mad at Apple in Apple is mad at Qualcomm and actually Qualcomm is also in in hot water with Samsung what's happening is that of course we that Qualcomm was maybe unfair with you know royalty payments and how they bullied both Apple and Samsung into paying much more than they should so Apple has decided a few weeks ago hey we're not paying royalties anymore as for your stuff okay we've been screwed by you so we're not going to pay so quad cotton now is mad and is asking the US International Trade Commission to ban iPhone imports to the United States so well that's work I don't think so but kind of interesting to see how they're battling it out I'm not sure with two giants against it that Qualcomm will be the winner in the end we know that Cortana has been offered on android for a little while but now apparently Microsoft is working on a special samsung version of core tenant so you have a galaxy s7 s8 phone apparently sometime this year we would have a Samsung flavored core tenant and I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that we now know that a Microsoft store will sell Samsung Galaxy s8 f8 + that they call the Microsoft flavor with you know Microsoft apps so is it because of that do you want to have a Samsung Cortana what they don't know apart from that Windows 10 we have very interesting things happening you know Microsoft has not announced a new number for Windows 10 users and devices in September so we're still at 400 million right now now they kind of just said today well you know Windows 10 is the fastest growing windows ever okay whatever that means and that they claimed 300 million daily users okay what about that number where are we a lot of people are saying well you know next we could build we should have a new number that's also because if they don't I think it not looking well for the growth of Windows 10 itself and with Windows 7 that refuses to really die I don't know something is kind of not right here Microsoft edge is being tested internally at Microsoft in a separate mode where of course you know we learned that in wrestle 3 Microsoft edge will kind of be separate and will have its own updates from the store but what's interesting in here is that it apparently is being tested yes separate but in a very Sun sandbox mode that apparently would put edge as a malware proof and browser now that's something that is a big big claim but we'll see whatever happens here and if it can be pulled off and finally is the European Union and the UK going completely nuts with Cody now we've learned you know Cody is actually in a mode where you're trying to wonder it should they add DRM to their you know apps and we have the European Union and UK that now want to ban and make it illegal to have these boxes with Cody that are modified to get illegal content there's you know a really really big problem here is that I think everybody is going crazy now first of all every device we own could technically be used for illegal content even a regular PC I think that attacking you know Cody and because Cody itself is just pieces of software it's a media player it doesn't do illegal stuff on its own it can be modified with add-ons and plugins to do so so I don't know we're attacking the wrong person maybe the wrong you know company or the wrong guy and maybe you know companies that are trying to prevent us from having these pieces of software should understand that they are a big part of the problem in here will you ban PCs because we couldn't download illegal content I don't think so so I think these you know a lot of people are going crazy right here for absolutely nothing so this was the tech news update for Friday May 2/5 20:17 if you enjoy our videos please subscribe give us thumbs up if you enjoy our live shows our videos why not support us with the PayPal donation and yahoo email you see here you can also become a patron at slash radio in computers and help us out to continue in making great content thank you for watching and have a great weekend .

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