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Hi everybody and welcome back so I feel like you guys can tell right away that my voice sounds so different so unfortunately I just got sick and it is so annoying so I decided to still continue and make this video anyways because I'm excited and if you guys can't tell I got my hair done and I love it and update so no badly and I didn't really need this update as badly as I did until I saw the before and after pictures so you guys gonna see the before and after pictures I have it on my Instagram for everyone to kind of see you throw embarrassing but and I'm so mad at my friends because they never told me how bad they are actually look smells like you know you really needed was update so badly um solving all my social media down below for you guys just be and check out what it looks like before because just trust me it is definitely worth looking at there are people that I have come across that have died in hurt ones but don't know how to take care of it or have come and ask me about you know how good it like you know what you do to take care of your blonde hair because I don't know and I get this question quite frequently in person and I'm like ting like I should really make my routine video about accessible and explains them but I feel oh this is so much easier for you guys I was just kind of refer back to as need it so um yeah if you guys want to know how I take care of my blonde hair which is much more portable and super easy just keep watching and also I'm going to mention that I only wash my hair maybe twice a week I like to silent like twice a week as well it's the first thing I do if I use a hair mask so hair masks are so easy to use and absolutely incredible if you want to give the conditioner steps unless you really need Edition air this feel free to use mission I use a two different kinds of mops I've narrowed my mom's down and the ones I love the most are Maryland by blush so I did research on the left website when I was when I was going to dye my hair at the beginning of last year when I started my blonde hair Conda and I was okay I definitely need to stock up on like products so when I do dry my hair blog I can just get straight into my hair Peyman see what works best for me in my hair so marilyn is a short circuit specifically for blonde hair I mean I'm sure you can use if you don't have blonde hair but it is for lawn chairs in this place but those light your blonde hair has more power at SAAP and pre-wash treatment with chamomile and olive oil for blogs you want my turn writer shinier hair it actually is almost like a hair mussed order in my opinion like it keeps the tone with a blonde stim impact and it doesn't let your hair get brassy which is really good so what I do is like this is a brightening pot um but it kinda looks like I can't get tip it over but it's a like a very light and creamy consistency and all I do is I take little bits of it in my hands and I section off my hair because I have a lot of hair but did you have a lot of hair I would recommend doing this I sectioned off my hair and I pull through with B product in my hair just distribute it evenly and I make this napkin for like 20 minutes at but our like I really give my hair some good GLC when I'm after it's been dyed because you can really feel the difference between natural dye hair in if one of the products for it I love but you can feel like your hair silky and smooth in the shower as it's rinsing out like your hair your rub or anything it's amazing like that's the one thing I love is like you can tell it's better your hair because you hear so silky but it would be really be out of your hair so this one that I recommend highly highly recommend for those you are going blonde is definitely worth the purchase I will leave the link down below for those of you who will have a little bit more of a sensitive scalp for sensitive inner hair I recommend using the Edit light so I just turned you from these products recently and I thought well those are the first thing I tried it would be scalp treatment it's a little moist wrinkle hurt nobody so this is for intense hydration or repair so it's non-toxic natural and organic for those of you who only like using organic products we'd be looking to be in it life but like literally what they stand for is organic and it's literally all the goodness in a jar and a little goes a long way so the chart may seem kind of small but it and loaded with all the beauties like all the goodness but if you tell it so I just take a little bit of her pumps in my hand and I just earned my fingertips and I was just your few days on the roots and the scalp but they don't like also comes with a herbal huh mr. Parris and damage and adds shine also it has coconut oil again shea butter a sweet almond oil argan oil is literally packed with like root extract is amazing so this is small model it's a white creamy consistency and again just distribute evenly if you feel like your group don't need it just placed on the ends of your hair if you want what you want to do spell treatment on top and then just put the herbal manzoni and really recommend doing that as well so with the hair masks I do them the day that I wash my hair so twice a week if you feel like we need more TLC to your hair then feel free to do three times a week it just brings up with conditioners so moving on my favorite thing to use in the shower lately has been my shampoo and I only use one kind of shampoo just like this one model is my life I think using it for month with months now and it's really made a big difference on my hair so it is Jenny okay I'll ish I love this custom of chipping to bump through three bowls of it already awesome so Savio is a purple shampoos so let's talk about their full shampoo always using crystal shampoo we need to dye your hair blonde otherwise you're just going to go breastfeed so quickly if you want to avoid having to go and tone your hair all the time purple shampoo give that toner effect it really maintains the blonde hair and your hair salted they'll eat gallo well it says a purple shampoo does smell a little I've been great people and Raffy so it makes my hair breakage shiny and works just as well for brunettes to fucking you can use this shampoo all you're done here is died of it is a great shampoo a general is definitely drunken short blonde hair so yeah so I really recommend this guys my bottle that I haven't opened up yet just the lemon I'm using is kind of like messy right now Vic danio is definitely number one shampoo I represent the blonde hair I've used in my last hair care video I use a different brand which would definitely like it more portable if you're on a budget but if you're willing to just spend a little bit more for better results what I use for conditioners um you can definitely get different purple conditioners that also work with the shampoos from less you can get a purple conditioner in a bar form I can link that down below but you're also you're getting um but for me conditioner just doesn't matter it has to be purple conditioner I just need something that's going to enrich my hair and leave me with tons of moisture and I also got this in my last year review video but Pantene at 3 minute miracle again this has not changed at all with my number one and my boyfriend also love this do use it like crazy um but the 3-minute moisture renewal beautician err in pain I've never used a special amazing conditioner in my life so far this is definitely by far my number one favorite it literally I did the sessions like you're in a hurry like I am usually I'm always on the go on my date and when I do wash my hair at night I want it to be quick and to the point and so I can come out of the shower blow dry my hair and dry lakebed like so from a conditioner always used to take so long for me to rinse out but when I used to three-minute I literally we've been there for three minutes and it does the trick it's so amazing and Lesley oil for the hair I am so much an oil hair oil fiend I love it your hair is frizzy like mine with my hair naturally just frizzy big and crazy but not in the night way I always be a little bit of that extra like you're not done yet here somewhere but it gets more moisture so my number one is absolutely by far-- has not changed for a year it's the code we define oil I've used this so so much I'm almost done it increased those times because I love this oil on the contentiousness oil at Sephora or online it is they have pretty different sizes family travel size which is like ten dollars I believe the medium size which is thirty in the full-size which is sixty this is the medium high and it lasts a very long time so it's definitely we're seeing rest if you're really very very into taking care of your hair definitely worth the investment to beginning and basically oil another oil that I just started to use if I were to switch it up a little bit if the Emmitt life Rose hair elixir of a fortune organic oils are there for dry damaged or it behaves so you just gotta and it's a beautiful color - it's so rich in color and oil and and a little goes a long way as well don't feel as if you need to like pat on the oil because in your suit or wash your hair again but a little bit lower I do two little drops distributor in my hand and put it very lightly on me it's in my hair I always would the roost when it comes to oil because my hair will within a few days but yeah so if you looking for something else that's a little more organic this is a size that I would go for and don't be intimidated by side because a little really goes a long way to last you a very long time and that is my hair care routine that these are the products I use for my hair care routine um and again I've tried to condense all my routines my face to keep my hair routine my imaging everything like I tried to condense it down to be keep use possible minimal ways it's like this video if you did leave me a thumbs up and a comment down below letting me know what else you'd like to see on my channel I really want to get into more top videos with you guys as well because they feel like it's more effective for me to like what I do and how I use things so and also if you guys have products down below for blonde hair that you guys like using please leave them in the comments below for everybody else just because I'm sure there are a hundred more different products for blonde hair if that would make sense for you guys those individuals versus what are you so I am subscribe as against the video if you liked it and I will see you guys very soon alright .

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