Monster legends team war sweet treat vs. Plants vs zombies gw2

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That time again people is report madolche acquaintance we're here back with another team war time to go and check on the previous war which was a tragedy apparently because we lost 176 to 237 that is a very active team a hundred and six attacks very active I'm pretty sure they deserved the way it really did Avery attacks got 176 coins they did a hundred and six and it got 94 whoo that's really nice we did do 83 attacks which is really nice but not to do all in the past it's time to go to the future into this war and in this one there was a special condition where now you can only use metal light and epic monsters and it seems that we pulled ahead when I was on it last time we were down by about like three to six points but now look we pulled ahead by 10 it's time for me to go into battle sure I think this one because the other one will actually destroy her keep hitting up keep hitting it that's a grenade assist to keep hitting and hitting a hit we first attack another three coin let's see next metal monster ooh this is a new one I got from the last maze dungeon the did a very Tarija who is apparently named nasty by the computer he's supposed to be the embodiment of greed and able to steal life and such things like that but incognita was faster and stronger I don't understand this these like some of them have level 70s yet they're lower because the other player above then has like a few runes on so like highly confused but it will not matter I will prevail oh I got rid of two um which one is this one blinding yoga three tacks already in business going fairly well mostly because I'm go at least someone else right there was someone I wanted to go after Blackie I saw you messed with some of my teammate so I'm gonna come after you yeah look he has a level 30 but he's like above I'm pretty sure he was a bus one will get out of like a level 90 i but what you get us out so it's providing shield plus an attack diary gains energy II and where was that person that would it be some of these are really bad whose their last one you're stuck with a level that you do not have a single that's bad but my friends next we're going to this he has a level 9 84 85 but he's upstaged by 40s it's tragic Ultravox Tigga and t Shire what a great group of monsters we're turning to this one no doubt still wrong hey I don't know am i rude I don't know that was pretty rude and that's all my attacks bringing us all the way up to 150 that was actually like really easy to say the least but that'll be the end of this war bring us some 150 we'll see how it goes next time I will see y'all later make sure to leave a like to comment subscribe for more and always remember to space .

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