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Green Clinics of Los Angeles livestream on Facebook we're glad to see you again this afternoon it's another Friday afternoon another topic and those who are curious about ketamine and mood disorders that I'm going to tell you a little about ketamine as it relates to ladies who are pregnant ladies have about a 25% chance of being depressed at some point in their lives pregnant women get some kind of depression at least postpartum around 13% of the time this is triggered by a lot of things the continual hormonal flux creates quite a challenge for women to map to to manage without becoming depressed or at least without having some kind of mood disorder once they've delivered there are a lot of conventional medicines that help them ketamine can be among them it works very quickly it's very safe it doesn't disrupt nursing nearly so much as some of the other medicines and it gets the lady back to not being depressed quickly this is really important because a lot of bonding a lot of getting close and a really fundamental lifelong way happens in the early days after delivery but I wanted to mention also depression that occurs before delivery lots of ladies get this it can be really just because the pregnancy is stressful it could be because things happen in the relationship it can be because of the stresses of dealing with the economic uncertainties and physical uncertainties and bodily changes stimulates a depression that may have been latent before but now becomes much more prominent in any event there's been a real problem with treating depression in pregnancy because of a fear of hurting the baby ketamine has not been used for this purpose and in reading the things that have been used and the problems that have occurred it occurs to me that it should be used in that there's no reason not to use it so I'm not telling you that I have a lot of experience with thinking care of depressed ladies who are pregnant but I am Telling You they should have the benefit of this guidelines for using ketamine have recently been published and in responding to those guidelines Jeri Santa Cora who was the lead author on the guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association recently published said how can you not offer this to people who are suffering and potentially suffering a lethal malady so I think we should keep ketamine in mind for antepartum as well as postpartum depression it is definitely an option it's safer it's quicker and let's disruptive of the patient-doctor manual can you tell us a little bit about the downsides to some of the alternatives depression treatments for pregnant women or perhaps you know just I'm really just asking about your comment earlier that you know this is a difficult thing to manage with nursing and being pregnant and what medicines do and don't affect the baby how they do obviously a very sensitive issue can you talk a little bit about maybe some of the advantages that ketamine can bring to the conversation that might be problematic with some of the other approaches well the traditional medicines SSRIs SNRIs do appear in milk they are a category D drugs means they are known to cause problems with animal pregnancies they also tend to cause obesity and a loss of libido these are not things that people who are already depressed should have to contend with in the postpartum setting they take a great deal of time to reach peak effect probably eight to twelve weeks before we can be sure whether they're benefitting anyone or not ketamine we know in a matter of in a matter of hours two days if it's working great it doesn't need to be continued except intermittently whereas these drugs need to be taken daily and the mood lifts according to most people is superior and in terms of categories of medications you might talking a little bit about that maybe for those who might want to have a little better understanding of how that works just the basics well medications are rated as to their likely risk to the fetus and the category D medication is more risky than a category C because a through I believe e and a category medicines don't hurt the fetus we're very confident of that B also don't with some qualification C are not known to cause problems but are there's no data that they don't D is definite data that they do cause problems well and you're saying the majority of that all of those conventional medications are category D as yet our eyes SNR eyes Mao is and and the like that's correct that doesn't mean that they will in a particular pregnancy that means in animal models they have been shown to cause problems in the fetus right whereas ketamine is C so it's not that it has been shown to cause those issues but it has also not been proven that it will not cause those issues that's a fair summary yes okay interesting yeah yeah this is a drug that is just coming into prominence and I really hope that people have the opportunity to benefit from it it really works very well much of the time not all the time not for everyone but the risk reward or risk benefits relationship is such that it should be available to everyone who's suffering absolutely well really appreciate your time I know that Fridays are busy and you still have patients here is there anything else that you wanted to mention today to our viewers before closing now I'm very glad you tuned in I'd like to see more of your questions coming in I really appreciate the loyal following that I'm developing and I hope to serve you well and for a long time you can give me guidance as to what you want to hear and I'll make sure that you you get might the benefit of my knowledge in that area thanks for coming excellent thank you so much do you have any have fun weekend plans before we go I'm going to go skiing it's warm here but I understand there's good snow nearby and Bitto fine so awesome awesome I hope you have a good time and you come back to take your patients on Monday in one piece thank you okay .

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