Guys Who Treat Women Right Are Boring

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Yo yo what's going on se boy mr. lo kario the bad boy of the dating game was good so I got an email from a subscriber and this subscriber sent the donation so thanks for your donation and remember guys if you want to guarantee that your question will be answered make sure you click that link below and send a donation so this one says hey mr. Lucario I love your videos keep doing what you're doing I had a quick question so I seen this meme on Facebook that says guys that treat you right are usually boring and I've seen a couple of females say this is kind of true or somewhat true or they'll say it's sad but true my question is why is this true in the first place this should be something these females won right it would be cool if you could answer this alright so basically you know there you got these chicks out here saying that you know all these guys is cheating is right that's so boring that's that's lame and all this other stuff right and you're saying well shitting a woman want a guy that treats her right so what you can understand is that the whole thing of a guy treating a woman right is basically code for talking about the nice guy that's all that is right and the nice guy is boring to women that's what they're talking about they're not necessarily saying a guy that's a good guy they're talking about the guy who's the nice guy see the difference between that you know the quote-unquote nice guy and a guy who's just a good person right you can um you know you could be a guy who's a good person generally but when we talk about the nice guy and I also talked about this in you know the bad boy seminar which all of you should have right now um well basically what happens is is that the guy who's the nice guy what he does is that he basically does everything that he feels he needs to do um in order to get the girl to like him and a lot of this something he does is a lot of you know agreeing with everything she says he's trying to impress her all the time he's trying to basically you know kiss up to her all these different things and so that's boring to a woman because there's no sort of like friction within that interaction between her and that nice guy so she knows that him you know being there or that guy that you know treating her right or whatever him being there is basically him just being there for her and to do whatever you know she wants in order to get her to like him right but when you're dealing with women what happens is is that the way that the attraction happens or the way that she starts to really get attracted to you and all that other good stuff is there's some you know friction there there's some uncertainty there when you're dealing with a woman right so a lot of times that uncertainty basically you know in our friction it basically creates that excitement in the situation that gets her attracted to you right so it's like okay in in you understand that that excitement and everything brings a certain emotion because it's like let's say if you were let's say if you were trying to you know have a debate with somebody about you say okay you know who's doing who's the best rapper Kendrick Lamar or Jake Cole or Drake or whatever right and then you're trying to have this debate with this person right and then you say oh I think Kendrick Lamar is the best rap out right now and that person's like yeah I agree and then you're like well why do you think Kendrick Lamar is the best why do you agree um well you know whatever you think I think the same thing right so that's not a interesting you know conversation to have with the person because they're just agreeing with whatever you say they're like okay yeah whatever you think I think too right so having that discussion isn't fine it's not exciting so let's say you have that example then you have another example where you say to somebody else hey who do you know who do you think is the the best rapper Kendrick Lamar J Cole or or drink whatever and then somebody says you know the other person says J Cole you say Kendrick Lamar and then y'all debate on why you think it's this where you think it's that way you going back and forth and the conversation is more engaging because you know the people are actually just you know you and other person are being honest in saying what they want and doing what they want you're not trying to impress the other person you're talking to you're not trying to you know agree with them and even if you agree with them you have you might have different reasons why you agree you ever saying you don't just agree totally you just don't go along to get along you don't just say oh yeah whatever you say I'm with it you understand because then that's boring your fear so that's the thing that they're talking about that's what the ladies are talking about when they say a guy that treats you right is boring they're not saying that a guy who's a cool guy and a guy that's you know uh uh uh you know a decent human being they're not talking about that they're talking about the type of guy who takes on that nice guy mentality the type of guy who's the nice guy archetype the guy who basically he just you know bends over backwards for women and just does whatever they say or does whatever he feels he needs to do to get on their good side he's not being authentic he's not being real he's not giving his real opinion he's not giving who he really is so then these women get bored because they're not really meeting or interacting with a real dude understand they're interacting with the dude who they think is basically just you know their to wait on them hand and foot and it's boring because they want that friction they want that uncertainty they want to they want to feel like they need to guess if you like them or not right and when you being that nice guy or you know that quote-unquote guy treating them right they already know you're into them so there's no guesswork for them there's nothing there for them to wonder about there's nothing there for them to have that tension to feel like oh my goodness like you know what if he doesn't call me back what if he doesn't do this what if this happens what if that happens we're in like that shit they need that shit you understand because when that happens that's the thing that gets them even more attracted to you you understand that's the thing that gets them more you know wanting to be involved with you because there's that tension there there's friction they're in Stan it's like you know when you talk when we even talk about sexual tension the reason why uh you know sexual tension you know is a turn-on is because it's that feeling of knowing or not knowing if sex is actually going to happen you understand there's that friction there a lot of times if you know if a woman you know she knows okay well this guy uh you know let's she's like horny or whatever a lot of times when you know I forgot if a woman knows okay this guy just wants to fuck me or whatever and you know you're just like running up on her and put your dick out is there what I'm saying it's not gonna really be anything exciting innocent but if the woman is talking to you you're having a conversation with her you guys are flirting right and it's it's like okay where is where is this going where is this going when is this going to happen is it going to happen you know uh you know am I gonna go home with him tonight am I not gonna go with home with him tonight does he really like me does he does he not like me you know what does it mean when he said this like all those different things you know it basically creates the situation to where she's feeling you you understand it creates that shit let's see the thing is if you're that nice guy she already knows why you're putting on that act because you know I've said this as you know a whole bunch of times that being that nice guy innocent you know that nice guys have a mentality that nice guy archetype type of dude being that nice guy is an act she knows that you're acting that way because she you want to impress her she knows you're acting that way because you like her you know Sarah I'm saying because a real person you know and I'm just saying like a normal everyday person which is everybody in a thing to a certain extent they're not going to act that way ever because that's not natural to act that way it's not natural to be that nice guy because there is the yin and the yang within you there's that polarity within you you know Sarah same so you can't be this super nice a you know person all the time and of course you're not going to be the super you know asshole all the time you know what I'm saying the reason why I talked about this before the reason why a lot of women gravitate to the quote unquote bad boys and jerks or whatever it's not necessarily that we is because these guys are assholes right it's because these guys seem more real because even as much as you can say they're an asshole there are times where they act cool and regular and nice you understand so they they have the yin and the yang right they have that back and forth but with the nice guy the guy who treats them right the ones that's what they're talking about those nice guy dudes they're the same all the fucking time they're like a character you understand they're not a real person they're a goddamn cartoon and so women do not like that and it bores them to fucking death so that's really what they're sort of saying see what you got to understand too is that when you're when you're dealing with women and this is why it's hard for certain guys to to really understand the game is that women a lot of times aren't very uh good at articulating exactly what they mean so for example you always hear women say oh I'm so tired of all these guys approaching me in the street and I just I just want to be left alone it that's not what they mean they mean they're tired of the guys they don't like approaching them in the street they're tired of the guys who they feel are losers they don't like those guys approaching them right because if a guy they thought was you know a cool guy a guy that they was attracted to approach them and started talking to them they will love that shit you know what I'm saying they will love it what they don't like is the guys they don't like right but they don't articulate that they just say oh I don't like to be approached to the street and then you think oh then what we know like to be approached to the street so I guess I should approach girls in the street because this is a net you know it's the other thing because you don't really understand what they were talking about so when it comes to this when they took when you talk about you know um you know the these guys that treat me right are boring all I'm really talking about is a nice guy that's it that's all it is him still times and that is all it is alright so that's pretty much it I'm guys if you have any more questions make sure you click the link below and I'll holla at you later remember the truth is inside you peace I'm gone now before you turn off this video I want you to do three quick things one I want you to click the link below to send me a question if you have a question on dating relationships I'll make a video about it too I want you to click the link 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